Hot News: Midnattsvrede Release Digital Mini Album Ahead Of Full Length. Festival Appearances Confirmed

After what seemed an interminable hiatus, Norwegian Black Metallers MIDNATTSVREDE are very much back in action with live appearances scheduled, a full-length album in progress and a new six-track digital mini album, „Ripe Fruit on the Gallows Tree”, released on the 10th of February via BandCamp. „Ripe Fruit on the Gallows Tree” includes a guest appearance by Vicotnik (DHG, VED BUENS ENDE, CODE), who performs vocals on MIDNATTSVREDE‘s cover of the VED BUENS ENDE track „Carrier of Wounds”, which Vicotnik himself wrote and which appears on VBE’s „Those Who Caress the Pale” and „Written in Waters”. The title track of the mini album is co-written with André Kvebek (DEN SAAKALDTE, PANTHEON I, ex 1349). „Ripe Fruit on the Gallows Tree” is available from http://midnattsvrede.bandcamp.com/

Track list on „Ripe Fruit on the Gallows Tree” as follows:
1. Moulder of Them All
2. Ripe Fruit on the Gallows Tree
3. Beneath Dead Kings
4. I Nökkens Dyp
5. Det Voldelige Rav
6. Carrier of Wounds

Formed in 1994 by Jormundgand (DEN SAAKALDTE, LOVEPLANET, ex DHG), MIDNATTSVREDE remained active until 1997, when they released a self-titled demo. The band remained in hiatus whilst Jormundgand concentrated on his other projects, but was brought back to life with the release of 2003’s „Demo”. Aside from Jomundgand on drums, today’s lineup includes Kaahrl on vocals, Einar Thorberg (FORTID, DEN SAAKALDTE, CURSE, POTENTIAM, ex THULE) on guitars and Ian Slemming (KRAANIUM) on bass. According to the band, work is already well under way on what will be MIDNATTSVREDE‘s first full-length album, and „Ripe Fruit on the Gallows Tree” will serve as a hint for what fans can expect. A video teaser for „Ripe Fruit on the Gallows Tree” can be seen at http://youtu.be/dNTe8F6JAZk

MIDNATTSVREDE are confirmed to appear at the Hammerslag Vinterblot festival in Tonsberg on the 15th February, and at the Inferno Festival in Oslo on the 19th of April. More information about MIDNATTSVREDE can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Midnattsvrede

The video teaser for „Ripe Fruit on the Gallows Tree” can be seen at http://youtu.be/dNTe8F6JAZk


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