Hot News: Miserable Failure to release Hang Them split with Atara

In the red corner, ATARA, the French Grindcore act who appeared on Kaotoxin Records’ 2013 compilation In Grindo Veritas. Fighting out the white corner, MISERABLE FAILURE, the nihilistic collection of Grindcore miscreants who are set to be featured on an upcoming episode or Radio France’s celebration of underground metal, „Le Mouv” and have appeared on splits with the likes of  TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, INFECTED SOCIETY, C.O.A.G. and more.

With these two killers in the same cage, one can only expect an onslaught of hatred, violence, nihilism, and rage. And their target is YOU. Abandon all hope and submit to chaos, they’re coming to hang you all.

Mastered by Déhà  (C.O.A.G and We All Die (laughing)), Hang Them offers 14 tracks of dark, intense and chaotic Grindcore. The album will be released on August 12 as a limited-edition (1000 copies) deluxe digisleeve CD. Preorders will start July 8 at:


In 2011, ATARA teamed with Kaotoxin Records artist UNSU for a 7″ split EP and have two self-financed releases – Human Balltrap (2010) and Let It Beast (2009) available at: http://atara.bandcamp.com

MISERABLE FAILURE was one of six bands featured on Kaotoxin’s Monsters! split album and also appeared alongside INFECTED SOCIETY and F STANDS FOR FUCK YOU on 2013’sMiserable Fucking Society split. In January of this year, the band released the free digital EP,Hope. For more, visit www.facebook.com/msrblflr.

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