Hot News: Mongrels Cross streaming entire “The Sins of Aquarius” album on InvisibleOranges.com!

Today – and for the week leading up to its release date, July 3rd – the entirety of MONGRELS CROSS The Sins of Aquarius album will be exclusively streaming at InvisibleOranges.com.

Set for release on July 3rd through HELLS HEADBANGERS, The Sins of Aquarius is MONGRELS CROSS‘ highly anticipated debut full-length, following swiftly on the heels of their cult Whoresanna EP. Seven anthems of chaotic-yet-poised black/death barbarity, The Sins of Aquarius spans filthy thrashing, downtempo warmarches, and epic metal grandeur alike, with a powerful panache and strong songwriting to the fore: these Australian hooligans definitely throw down the gauntlet and spit on all pretenders! And so far, the worldwide press is starting to take notice:

•“A lot of the stuff present on their early releases is still there: heavy and evil thrashing riffs, snarling vocals full of attitude, and the punky drumming that drives everything along at just the right pace. The rough and raw feel is still there; it’s just slightly buried under a semi-evolved approach, which suits the band surprisingly well” – Witching Metal webzine [5/5 rating]

•“Probably one of the best debut albums for a new band in my recollection, as just about everything on this record is amazing…it’s not just the riffs that make The Sins of Aquarius as brilliant as it is, but also the group’s ability to create an atmosphere that is raw and reminiscent of other notable acts of the scene today such as KETZER or NEKROMANTHEON…until I get my hands on the new GOSPEL OF THE HORNS release, I’m sure this will definitely be the pride of the black/thrash subgenre in 2012” – Skull Fracturing Metal webzine [4.6/5 rating]

•“Monstrous…it certainly does replenish the old-school sound, sending copious amounts of retro-thrash groups running to their masters” – Lacerated Metal webzine [8.8/10 rating]

•“An act of barbaric bombast which could not be better suited to the Hells Headbangers Records imprint upon which it resides. I’m not implying that this accounts for any sense of predictability, only that the group resembles others in that particular stable in terms of how they strongly emphasize an old-school sense of aggression that transcends any one genre…on the whole, this is a solid and angry debut sure to sate advocates of old-school black/thrash or black/death acts of decades past, or fellow Aussie groups like HUNTERS MOON, SHACKLES, and DENOUNCEMENT PYRE” – From the Dust Returned webzine

InvisibleOranges.com is one of the most tastemaking metal-oriented websites around, with myriad (and very metal!) updates daily and across a wide variety of formats. In the meantime, behold The Sins of Aquarius!


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