Hot News: Munruthel “CREEDamage” now available on vinyl

MUNRUTHEL‘s seminal album “ВЕРОломство / CREEDamage” is now finally available on vinyl! Svarga Music (Ukraine), in cooperation with Possession Productions (Belarus), is proud to announce this release on Apri 12, 2014. Presented as gatefold double-LP limited to 500 units, it includes a bonus track “Crucible of War” specially recorded for this edition in December 2013.

Originally released in November 2012, this release features guest appearances of Masha “Scream” (ARKONA) and Wulfstan (FOREFATHER), as well as a cracking cover of BATHORY’s “The Lake”. “CREEDamage” has received an impressively positive feedback not only from fans but also from the media: “Munruthel just might be Ukrainian black metal’s best-kept secret” Zero Tolerance (UK),“Shiningly cinematic and unapologetic in its defiance of genre” Terrorizer (UK), it became Album of the Month at AmericanMetalReviews.Com and took 2nd place at sound-check of Czech Parat Magazine. Now the fans can get it in such a noble for underground format as vinyl!

Side A:
Пылающий Танец Бога Войны / Ardent Dance of War’s God
Раскаты Грома С Огненных Небес / Rolls of Thunder from Fiery Skies
ВЕРОломство / CREEDamage
Side B:
Под Ногами Рассветы Скошены… / The Mown Dawns Lie on the Ground
Время Героев / The Age of Heroes
Глаза Бездны / The Eyes of Abyss
Side C:
Крада I: Кровь / Krada I: The Blood
Крада II: Сурья / Krada II: The Surya
Крада III: Огонь / Krada III: The Fire
Side D:
Карпатський Щит / Carpathians’ Shield
The Lake (Bathory cover)
Горнило Вiйни / Crucible of War (bonus track)

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Munruthel | www.munruthel.com | www.facebook.com/MunruthelBand

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