Hot News: My Dying Bride and Morturay Drape albums to pre-order

My Dying Bride – The Manuscript

The Yorkshire ‘titans of doom’ return with a 27 minute release that mixes dark tales of foreboding with the band’s trademark fusion of gloomy poetics and heavy intensity.

The Manuscript was recorded and mixed at Futureworks Studios in Manchester with long-term producer, Mags.

The band comments:

„The Manuscript features four monstrous tracks of brilliantly crafted metal that only My Dying Bride can do, with swathes of doom laden melancholy, harmonic beauty and thundering Death Metal all combined in our trademark sound. Four tales of tragedy, loss and bitter vengeance greet the listener with an added assault on the emotions leaving the soul grey and limp. There is beauty here, but it’s carrying a dark blade.”

Released 13th May

PRE-ORDER from the Peaceville store:


CD edition – £5.99 PRE-ORDER


Black 180gm vinyl edition – £9.99 PRE-ORDER




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Mortuary Drape – Tolling 13 Knell

Cult black metal band Mortuary Drape was formed in Italy in 1986 as a trio, including the now long-standing & sole-remaining member, Wildness Perversion. Mortuary Drape developed their own unique style, releasing the demo ‘Necromancy’ in 1987 which spread their name throughout the underground. This was followed by 1992’s ‘Into the Drape’ & the debut full-length album, the classic ‘All the Witches Dance’ in 1994.

‘Tolling 13 Knell’, the band’s third full-length album was originally released in 2000, delivering an eerie concoction of evil metal riffing & dark occult atmosphere to unnerving effect. The album has now been fully remastered, with the process overseen by the band. This reissue also contains extra tracks in the form of re-recorded versions of the infamous ‘Doom Return’ demo songs, recorded during the ‘Tolling 13 Knell’ sessions.

Mortuary Drape has recently been busy recording their latest album, as well as performing some high profile shows.

Released 27th May

PRE-ORDER the album from the Peaceville store:


CD – £8.99 PRE-ORDER


Double gatefold 180gm vinyl – £17.99 PRE-ORDER

BUY Mortuary Drape albums from the Peaceville store

For more info visit www.peaceville.com/mortuarydrape

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