Hot News – My Kingdom Music welcomes Disguise!

Italian “Black Death Metal” band DISGUISE have inked a deal with My Kingdom Music.
They come back after 4 years of apparent silence with their new album “Second Coming“, giving life, after 13 years of career, to their most mature, complete and personal creature. “Second Coming” reaches the highest levels of aggressivity revealing the most hateful and insane feelings of the human sickness. Perverse vocals and sorrowful atmospheres in the old Mayhem style, are the frame for a violent Black Metal with shades of modern Metal, enriched by the assault of the Death as only Satyricon, Dark Funeral and Marduk have been able to performing during the last years.
It’s a devastating work and will hit you on January 16th, 2012 like a merciless storm that will suddenly come on your heads!

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