Hot News – Naglfar: Naglfar Ascending…

Naglfar:  NAGLFAR ascending...

Listen, all ye worshippers of Swedish Black Metal! Five years have passed since the release of the mighty NAGLFAR’s last album “Harvest”. Now the band is in the studio again, finishing the recording of their sixth album “Téras”. Expect nothing less than another prime example of infernal melodic Black Metal from the vanguards of the scene and prepare yourself to enter total darkness…

And here’s some more news for the die-hard maniacs amongst you: Prior to the release of “Téras” NAGLFAR will release a strictly limited 7inch EP including one track taken from the upcoming album as well as a second song exclusive to this 7inch. So keep your eyes open and don’t forget to check out for updates and pre-order possibilities.

“Téras” will be disgorged from hell’s blackest voids in spring / summer 2012.

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