Hot News: Neurasthenia – Album Postponed

The anticipated brand new album by Neurasthenia “Possessed by Your Omen” will be released on  01/09/2012, because of bassist Lehmann‘s engagements with Blaze Bayley European Tour, from march 8th to May 30th.

It’s a compilation of songs extracted from their albums “Possessed” (2009) and “Your Omen” (2009) all competeley re-recorded, re-arranged, re-mixed and re-mastered. The album will also include the single “When Nightmare Comes True“, released only in digital version by Spider Rock Promotion in 2011; “I, Walking With A Zombie“, previously unreleased taken from the demotape “Full Force Of Thrashers!“; Kiss cover “I Love It Loud“.

The album has been recorded in Neura-studios by Lehmann, and it will be a co-production by NeurastheniaBRC Records (responsible of worldwide physical distribution in CD and Vinyl) and Spider Rock Promotion (digital distribution and promotion).
Mastering process will be made by Simone Mularoni (DGMEmpyrios) in Domination Studios.

What follows is the cover artwork and the final tracklist:

  1. When Nightmare Comes True
  2. I, Walking With A Zombie
  3. Fell Possessed
  4. No Politics
  5. Screaming Corpse
  6. Go Fuck Themselves
  7. Assassination
  8. T.B.T (Thrash Is Back In Town)
  9. Your Omen
  10. The Last Order Of God
  11. I Love It Loud (Kiss cover)

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