Hot News: New Doomriders Album, ‘Grand Blood’, Coming October 15th From Deathwish Inc.

Grand Blood from Doomriders is the follow-up to their highly regarded 2010 album Darkness Comes AliveGrand Blood was engineered by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios, and features artwork from Thomas Hooper as well as packaging from Ryan Patterson (Coliseum) and J. Bannon.

Where Darkness Comes Alive was smooth and heavy in tone, Grand Blood is jagged and hard in its heart. Grand Blood is Doomriders pushing themselves into wilder sonic territory previously unexplored by the band. In songs like „Back Taxes” and „Bad Vibes”, an angular noise rock influence takes the lead, creating a harsh and charged environment. Not to fret, the hooks Doomriders are known for are as sharp as ever though, sinking into songs like the personal „Dead Friends” and melodious and emotional „Gone to Hell” – two songs that impressively showcase Nate Newton’s evolving vocal ability. Meanwhile, monsters „Father Midnight”, „New Pyramids”, and „Death In Heat” are Doomriders at their heaviest and most discordant to date, all complimented by new drummer Q (Magic Circle, Clouds, etc), whose frantic style powers this genre crossing masterpiece.

Pre-order information and new music premieres coming very soon.


01. New Pyramids
02. Mankind
03. Grand Blood
04. Bad Vibes
05. Dead Friends
06. Death In Heat
07. We Live In The Shadows
08. Gone To Hell
09. Back Taxes
10. Father Midnight

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