Hot News – New edition of Obtest “Auka Seniems Dievams”

Lithuanian OBTEST, with their second album “Auka Seniems Dievams”, managed to make a definite stir in pagan metal movement, still shy and uncertain back in 2001. A great moment has come – the dramatic combination of black metal roots, glorious praise of historical past, healthy dose of national pride, and the newborn searing melody, that has became a part of both OBTEST sound and one of distinctive marks of pagan metal ever since.

Now, ten years later, this fundamental album is re-issued on both picture vinyl and CD.

–       fully remixed and remastered by Gints Lundbergs at Phoenix studio;

–       features completely unpublished track “Amžina Aušra“;

–       re-packaged in a deluxe way with much care and precision;

–       modern super jewel box CD edition, wrapped in extra O-card, including 24 pages booklet with “All The Truth…” story behind the album creation and recording process, written by Sadlave, as well as bunch of vintage photos and tour flyers;

–       picture disk 12” vinyl edition, coming in outer sleeve, authentic to its original edition; vinyl has a specially adopted sound mastering as well.

“Auka Seniems Dievams” will hail the listeners starting with next week. Release dates are as follow:

November 7th – UK / Ireland;

November 4th – Germany/Austria/Switzerland;

October 25th – rest of the world.

Recently released 7″EP vinyl single “Amžina Aušra” that supports the new re-issue, is also still available to order.

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OBTEST – Gyvybės Medis


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