Hot News: New Ektro release dates for July: Arkhamin Kirjasto, Hopeajärvi, and Hexenhaus

Finnish fortress of inscrutable aesthetics announces July 18th as the international release date for three new releases: ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO‘s Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death 7″, HOPEAJÄRVI‘s Hopeajärvi album, and HEXENHAUS‘ Jumalan kosto (1983-1987). Three releases, three shades of OUT THERE – more info follows below!

ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO, the Finnish Kings of Lovecraftian Hard Rock & Death Metal, are back with a 7″ EP entitled Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death, featuring three brand-new songs from the sessions in which they recorded their critically acclaimed debut album, Torches Ablaze. The title track is an unholy recital about a zombie priest evoking an undead horde. “The Nomad” tells the story of a vicious revenant wanderer who slaughters everything he sees. “Spellbound & Tortured” is a mangled vision from the eyes of a sadist wizard. Musically, this EP delivers the most straightforward ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO to date and the band sounds nastier than ever. The cover art is courtesy of Eero Reiniaho, the mastermind behind the album covers of STENCH OF DECAY and DEPRESSION. ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO is currently laying the foundations for their upcoming album. Be warned.

Tracklisting for ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO’s Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death 7″
1) Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death
2) The Nomad
3) Spellbound & Tortured


HOPEAJÄRVI is an eight-legged marvel, a symmetrical creature rigged from a piano string, dancing asymmetrically across the highest of high-wires. Imagine Trumans Water and the young Esa Saarinen inhabiting one lyrical whole, laced with meat-counter philology, and then douse it all with a criminally deceptive tunefulness: this is the sound of HOPEAJÄRVI‘s self-titled debut album. But that only tells half the story; the other half is yet to be written. As the record plays out and its seven tracks worm their way into the listener’s skittering memory, new phantasms will elicit old feelings: post-post-punk. As rest of the world still tries to carry on with its chores, the work of HOPEAJÄRVI will offer a burning overview on everything else…and they shall be dancing in the streets – symmetrically and asymmetrically, expectedly and unexpectedly, like nothing you’ve heard before and everything you’ve forgotten.

Tracklisting for HOPEAJÄRVI’s Hopeajärvi
1) Lasinalunen
2) Tytti
3) Kuoppa
4) Juo rahat
5) Pullo kloroformia
6) Mies
7) Kiinnostaa


HEXENHAUS were one of the most fascinating and original Finnish post-punk bands in the mid ’80s, drawing their decadent momentum from the alleys shadowed by factory chimneys of the industrial town of Pori. Rocking in the spirit of Virgin Prunes and Bauhaus, HEXENHAUS embody a touch of the insane horror of The Cramps and Peter Straub as well as the humanity of Hermann Hesse. Scraping off the coarse layer of ominous nihilism reveals a shade of pink softness and unrestrained twinkle, which sets Hexenhaus apart from their contemporaries. Full Contact Records (EKTRO) releases this compilation LP, entitled Jumalan kosto (1983-1987), together with Svart Records. The album includes HEXENHAUS’ debut single Ikiyö/Katakombi, the unreleased follow-up single, various demo takes from along the band’s career from 1983 to 1987, and their last recording, ‘Suutele minua Kate,’ picked from the compilation EP Antakke Leipä.

Tracklisting for HEXENHAUS’ Jumalan kosto (1983-1987)
1) Ikiyö
2) Katakombi
3) Varjojen Leikki
4) Kangistunut Sielu
5) Nykynuori
6) Mrs. McGuinty
7) Salattujen Himojen Juhlat
8) Saalis
9) Ruoska
10) Jumalan Kosto
11) Punainen Palvelija
12) Paluu
13) Ikuisesti sinun
14) Taivaan nopein
15) Suutele minua Kate


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