Hot News: New Naumachia album finished! First song available online – check “Multiple Personality” with 3 singers!

Norwegian/Polish blackened death metal act NAUMACHIA, having released three studio albums (via Empire Records & Witching Hour Productions) has recently finished working on fourth full-length entitled “Machine Of Creation”. Last year in Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader) the musicians recorded, mixed and mastered 10 new songs.

Multiple Personality” was chosen as the first song promoting the album. It features vocal parts recorded years ago by Covan (ex-Decapitated), for planned but never released third Atrophia Red Sun album. This song features as well vocals by Marcin Urbaś (ex-Sceptic), and has just been available online:

All bass parts were recorded by Sławek “Mortifer” Kusterka, deceased Naumachia and Hate member, who passed away suddenly during last year’s Hate european tour with Hypocrisy.

All lyrics were written by Marcin Urbaś, who also contributed vocals in several songs.

Photo session was done by Łukasz Jaszak, photographer and artwork designer (Decapitated, Blood Red Throne, Vomitory)

Tracklisting of “Machine Of Creation”:

1. Amging Sun
2.Primal Instinct
5.Men of Down
6.Machine of Creation
7.Scorched Earth
8.Multiple Personality

The band comments on the final outcome: “This is extremely important album for us – when it comes to new approach to songs, the sound quality, but first and foremost because of the fact that we composed it with Sławek, our friend and bandmate that we miss a lot. Wiesławscy Bros quickly catched on our intentions and helped us push Naumachia one step further. Music here is very diversified, there are lots of levels and references. Tempos are a bit slower then before. We’ve worked hard on the rhythm and melodies. One can even notice that we we turned to the first album “Wrathorn” in a sense. Most songs appeared naturally during rehearsals, music got more energy and space. You’ll find here lots of electronic parts composed by VX. We’re very satisfied with the final outcome, and can’t wait to present the album live on stage”.

The album will be released late spring 2014, the band is currently looking for a label. You can also check studio raport here:

Latest Naumachia album was “Black Sun Rising” released in 2009 via Witching Hour Productions.

More info about the band here – and

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Hot News: Naumachia recording new album! Studio report available!


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