Hot News: New Nuclear Winter Records release dates: Temple Nightside, Altars, Ensnared

Today, cult death metal stronghold NUCLEAR WINTER RECORDS announces September 6th as the international release date for three dark and diabolical releases: TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE‘s Condemnation CD/LP, ALTAR (Australia)’s Paramnesia CD, and ENSNARED (Sweden)’s Ensnared MCD/MLP. These three records are highly anticipated releases in the death metal underground, where NUCLEAR WINTER RECORDS has proven to be a consistent tastemaker, run as it is by erstwhile DEAD CONGREGATION vocalist/guitarist A.V. More info as well as respective covers and tracklistings follow below.

Hailing from the currently untouchable Australian black metal scene, the mysterious TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE remain rooted in the blackest arts whilst performing the ancient Metal of Death, self-described as „Ritualistic Death Metal Necromancy.” And indeed, that’s precisely what the Oz duo offer up on their highly anticipated debut album,CondemnationChurning, gnawing, throbbing, Condemnation is blackened DEATH-fucking-METAL with its soul ripped asunder. Each strike upon stretched animal skin and amplified barbed wire, each slice of atmosphere forever descending, each cacophonous bellow from depths unknown – all are in service to infernal forces beyond human comprehension. TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE give you the keys to your CondemnationPLEASE NOTE: Dark Descent Records is handling the North American release of Condemnation.

Tracklisting for TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE’s Condemnation CD/LP
1. Shrine of Summon (The Great Opposer)
2. Exhumation; Miseries Upon Imprecation
3. Abhorrent They Fall…
4. Pillar of Ancient Death (Commune 2.1)
5. Dagger of Necromantic Decay (Eater of Hearts)
6. Ascension of Decaying Forms
7. Command of the Bones (Commune 2.2)
8. Miasma

At long last, one of death metal’s best-kept secrets unleashes their debut album: Australian enigmas ALTARS and their heaving, harrowing Paramnesia. For the past four years, ALTARS have been quietly honing their craft across a demo, two splits, and a single, but on Paramnesia, the trio tear down all boundaries and set their sights for the abyss and ether alike. For Paramnesia is both death metal of a tangibly sepulchral, cavernously physical construct and yet brims with an almost-metaphysical levity as its serpentine structures and technical ecstasy work their black magick across its eight-song expense, reaching total transcendence during the final trio of tracks which comprise the three-part title track. Witness ALTARS’ Paramnesia and commune with unforgettable energies. 

Tracklisting for ALTARS (Australia)’s Paramnesia CD
1. Mare
2. Terse
3. Khaz’neh
4. Solar Barge
5. Husk
6. Descent (Paramnesia, part I)
7. Gibbous (Paramnesia, part II)
8. Ouroboros (Paramnesia, part III)

Wasting no time in staking their claim for death metal supremacy, Swedish newcomers ENSNARED unleash their self-titled debut mini-album, following their hotly tipped 2011 demo. But let not their country of origin fool you, for ENSNARED are no mere old-school Swedeath revisionists: schooled in the „old,” yes, but this fiery quartet mainline the blackthrashing insanity of ’80s South America into a robust, gnarly soundfield that remains both fresh and timeless. With dizzying intensity and a flow that’s forever straddling chaos and control, Ensnared indeed ensnares the listener into a slipstream of diabolical majesty. Buttressed with CD bonus tracks from their 2011 demo, ENSNARED’sEnsnared proves that the first strike is indeed deadly!

Tracklisting for ENSNARED (Sweden)’s Ensnared MCD/MLP
1. Adorations
2. With Roots Below
3. Kimiya ye al Molekhat
4. The Hungry Darkness of Death
5. Fields Of Resurrection (CD bonus track)
6. Baneful Blood (CD bonus track)


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