Hot News: New Stygmata record begins along with new touring line up going into place for 2014-2015

Melodic power metal singer / guitarist, Kathie Jarra (formerly JARRA – Lion Music) has announced that work is beginning on her new CD, tentatively titled, “Next Victim”.

This will be Jarra’s second venture out after departing from her Lion Music incarnation based out of Arizona. The singer is currently living in the Austin, TX area where she has been in a reinvention period after leaving her original band and forming her new band, STYGMATA.

Jarra has had her hands (and voice) in several side projects as well. Now coming off the successful heels of her first solo project, STYGMATA – Bleed (KRG) which charted a few metal charts in the Top 10 and Top 20 as well as spinning out a quite controversial video (from the title track, Bleed making its way around the metal television community) the singer is very excited about her new CD and performing with a new line up out of Texas.

The new members are being contracted as we speak for touring will be announced shortly. Kathie Jarra plans to be writing and focusing mainly on metal festivals in the USA and overseas.

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