Hot News: Nidingr – Unite With Indie Recordings

Indie Recordings are pleased to announce the signing of Norwegian black metal deviants NIDINGR! Starring present and past members of bands such as Mayhem, Gorgoroth, DHG (Dødheimsgard), 1349 and God Seed, among others, NIDINGR are known for their efficiently complex songwriting, ravagingly dissonant, yet infinitely catchy riffs and breakneck tempos. Their two previous offerings — 2005’s Sorrow Infinite and Darkness, which the Metal Crypt crowned “one of the most interesting albums that has crawled out of the blackened depths of Norway in many a years” and 2010’s Wolf Father, featuring Mayhem’s Hellhammer on drums — proves what this maniacal assault is capable of.

Said the band in a collective statement: „NIDINGR is looking forward to working with a great label on Norwegian soil. We are sure Indie Recordings is the label we need to get us out to the masses and up to the next level.”

Further info to be released this Fall.

NIDINGR has created an extremely dense and concentrated lesson in black metal’s most interesting elements…” – Lords Of Metal

Wolf Father is a lean, mean disc that hits with the quickness of a raiding party and the heft of broadswords. Its six songs always go for the jugular, leaving a solid clubbing any time they fall short. It’s a beast worth hunting down as Wolf Father has potential as the head of the blackened death metal pack.” – Washington Times




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Hot News: Nidingr – Greatest Of Deceivers Details Revealed


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