Hot News: Noisem (Formerly Necropsy) Signs With A389 Recordings

Baltimore-based A389 Recordings is prepared to proudly unleash the debut LP from one of the most promising new names in today’s thrash metal community, having signed young hometown act NOISEM. A389 had announced the signing of the band earlier this month, only then they were still under their previous moniker, Necropsy. With their debut album about to hit the band felt it was time for a change and now charge out of the gate as NOISEM.

NOISEM is young, both as a unit and in actual age, the four members all between fifteen and twenty years old, their energetic youth showing through in the blistering fast nonstop assault that encompasses the listener with their debut LP, Agony Defined. Boasting high-octane death/thrash tracks in the tradition of early Slayer, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Kreator and Nuclear Assault with a filthy and crispy delivery, Agony Defined unloads nine neck-mangling tracks in under twenty-six minutes, every attack surging with massive divebomb guitar solos and punishing beats. A389 will release Agony Defined on CD, LP and digital download on June 11th; fans of Audiopain, Havok, Toxic Holocaust and the originators/masters of the style will not be disappointed, and all nonbelievers will be extinguished.

View cover art for Agony Defined and be slaughtered by the opening track “Voices In The Morgue” RIGHT HERE.

Coinciding with the album’s release, NOISEM has been confirmed to annihilate the masses of extreme music fans invading their turf for Maryland Deathfest 2013, set to storm the stage opening night, Thursday, May 23rd alongside Abigail, Bolt Thrower, Cobalt and more. The band has also been confirmed to take part in the upcoming installment of the Scion Rock Fest in Memphis, Tennessee on June 1st with the Melvins, Vision of Disorder, Municipal Waste, The Casualties, Impaled, A Life Once Lost and a ton of others with many still to be announced.

NOISEM Live Actions:

5/23/2013 Maryland Deathfest – Baltimore, MD [info]
6/01/2013 Scion Rock Fest – Memphis, TN [info]

Agony Defined Track Listing:

1. Voices In The Morgue
2. Birthing The Bestial
3. Desire And Disgust
4. Mortuary
5. Rotten Remains
6. Severed
7. Split From The Inside Out
8. Chronic Dementia
9. Agony Defined


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