Hot News: Norwegian Black Metallers Slagmaur Launch New Website

Black Metallers SLAGMAUR, who are currently finishing work on their latest album, have launched a new website. Aside from the usual news and merchandise that you expect to find on websites, SLAGMAUR are also showcasing the art of frontman “Gribbsphiiser”, who is himself a professional photographer, and whose artwork is used to illustrate the band’s albums. Limited editions of some of his artwork are also available to buy from the site, as well as the band’s entire discography, some items of which are now almost impossible to find elsewhere. It is also anticipated that the whole of the Nidrosian discography will be available in future. The new website can be found at

Predominant amongst Gribbsphiiser’s disturbing images are portrayals of the various characters that can be found in the new album, “Thill Smitts Terror”. The album takes as its theme children’s nursery rhymes and fairy tales and gives them SLAGMAUR‘s twisted treatment, which, coupled with the band’s sinister wall of sound, turns them into terrifying nightmares, which, it could be argued, are closer to the original stories than today’s sanitised versions could ever be.

SLAGMAUR was formed in the remote reaches of North Western Norway in 2006 by Gribbsphiiser, and the band has always remained secretive about their true identities, appearing on stage heavily disguised and in full costume, often as the characters in their songs. Aside from Gribbsphiiser on guitars, bass, cello and keys, the lineup on the album includes Åtselgribb on vocals and Dominaus Kracker, who hails from the band’s home island of Fosen, and has previously contributed to “Von Rov Shelter”, as well as working on the production side of MARE, on drums. Guest appearances by musicians from Fosen and Nidaros will also be featured. A label is currently being sought.

Slagmaur The Drummer of Tedworth by slagmaur

The Official video for the track “Klokker Tramp” from SLAGMAUR’s album “Von Rov Shelter”, which includes an especially composed tribute to the late Steingrim, can be seen at

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