Hot News: Obituary – Legendary Death Metal Behemoths Offer Live Pay-Per-View Stream

Legendary Florida death metal behemoths OBITUARY, in cooperation with UNATION, will be offering up a pay-per-view live stream this weekend! Set to take place Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 8:30 EST at The Orpheum in their hometown of Tampa, Florida, the show will feature a mammoth all classics setlist and include professional multi camera footage and sound of the band onstage.

The cost for viewing is $4.99 (see info below). In addition to the stream, participants will also be given a chance to win a pair of all access passes to the next OBITUARY show in their area. The band will be picking a new winner daily for up to 30 days so get your tickets and become a subscriber today.

Comments the band in a collective statement: “We couldn’t be more excited about streaming live from Florida. The band just performed this classic set list on every corner of the planet, so for us to have the chance to come back and play a home-town show and stream it live for the world to watch is amazing. We will be performing songs only off the first three albums! We are celebrating 25 years since the release of Slowly We Rot and we want you to be a part of it with us, so we are giving away VIP passes to your next OBITUARY show!”

OBITUARY Live On-Stage From Florida

Date: Saturday – June 8, 2013

Time:  Web-Cast kick off – 8:30pm EST /OBITUARY hits the stage at 9:30pm EST

Cost: $4.99; You can pay via Paypal, Google Checkout, or any major credit/debit card. CLICK HERE

Sign Up for the Live Streamhttp://www.obituarynation.com Click “Click Here To See It”

Subscribe to OBITUARYhttp://www.obituarynation.com Click „Join Us”


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