Hot News: Official Seashore Dreams video from Factory Of Dreams has been released + 4th album’s release date announced!

The new Factory of Dreams‘ videoclip has just been released to support ‘Some Kind of Poetic Destruction‘, the brand new 4th album.
Directed by Emil Jonsvik
Produced by Hugo Flores

The video can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL4wF1YqZEI

The video tells part album’s storyline:

After a long journey, Kyra sees the seashore ahead. She lays down on the sand, falls deeply asleep and dreams of Earth’s invasion and the secrets soon to unfold. Within the dream, Kyra stands inside a strange and eery house close to the seashore. The ocean shows her images of the hidden Star now closing-in on the planet and images of a Metropolis being engulfed by rays of soundwaves. The answer to Earth’s Fate is being revealed through ‘Seashore Dreams’.

The new album will be officially released on May the 7th and features a 12-page book with 12 artworks to depict the full story, 12 new tracks (including the EXTENDED version of Seashore Dreams never heard before) and a bonus track, great guest singers, Hugo Flores musicianship and the sublime vocals of Jessica Lehto.


New album already Available @


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