Hot News: Orcultus premiere video for upcoming Forever Plagued release

Today, the mysterious and misanthropic ORCULTUS premiere a promotional video for their forthcoming self-titled 7″ EP, set to be released on February 28th via FOREVER PLAGUED RECORDS. Darkness has consumed Sweden once again as we see a resurgence of traditional black metal coming back to the surface. ORCULTUS is no exception: totally raw and evil black metal solely created to oppose today’s new standards. With bands like Svartrit, Urkaos, and Grifteskymfning raging the scene in these parts these days, you can be assured that ORCULTUS is also a dedicated contributor to the existence of true black metal. No ties to anyone else, this sole tormented soul wishes his ill upon you and your pathetic life, and does so with the Orcultus 7″ EP: the first official release of ORCULTUS, featuring four songs of tormented traditional black metal, raw to the bitter end. Witness for yourself with the promotional video HERECover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for ORCULTUS’ Orcultus 7″ EP
1. Unus
2. Duo
3. Tribus
4. Untitles

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Orcultus – Két közelgő Forever Plagued Records kazetta


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