Hot News: Ordinary Brainwash – Listen to the first promo track

As previously announced, Metal Mind Productions will release the third studio album by Ordinary Brainwash. The album entitled “ME 2.0” will be out on June, 4th in Europe and July, 10th in USA (via MVD). Today, we reveal the cover artwork and tracklist of the new album.

1. Outdated
2. Me 2.0
3. Unbirthday
4. Stay Foolish
5. Don’t Look Back
6. Homesick
7. Critical Error
8. Something New

You can now listen to the first track promoting the album “ME 2.0” – „Outdated” is available in THIS location.

Rafał Żak comments: “‘Outdated’ is the opening song for the new album and, apart from its obvious role, which is to let the listener enter smoothly into the world of ‘ME 2.0’, it also gives an idea of what you can expect from the album as a whole. It will be melancholic and quiet, but sometimes also very hard and with an edge. It seems to me that ‘Outdated’ shows the diversity of emotions and, at the same time, the consistency of the music and lyrics on this album. During these 6 minutes, the song lets the listener immerse themselves in the atmosphere, which I hope will not leave them till the last notes of ‘ME 2.0’.”

Ordinary Brainwash is a post-prog mixture of beautiful melodies, original lyrics and startling compositions which should appeal to fans of such bands as Porcupine Tree, No-Man, Chroma Key or Gazpacho. Unlike the albums of the aforementioned bands, the album “Me 2.0” was written and performed by one man only. The man behind this project is Rafal Zak, a 23-year-old student of the prestigious Warsaw School of Economics. He is a composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who expresses himself by translating his mind’s creative flow into the music he composes. Ordinary Brainwash had its official debut during Piotr Kaczkowski’s Minimax radio show in March 2008. The debut album entitled “Disorder in My Head” was released in December 2009 via Lynx Music. Within less than a year from the release of his debut album, Ordinary Brainwash came back in October 2010with its successor – “Labeled Out Loud”. The main topic of the album is the international pop star phenomenon. It also treats about the tag-based culture of describing things and about societies lacking the ability to verify the information they are fed by mass media. Over the last few months, Ordinary Brainwash worked hard on a brand new concept album entitled “ME 2.0”.

Ordinary Brainwash on facebook.

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