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Today, SVARGA MUSIC announces March 4th, 2013 as the international release date for PAGANLAND‘s Wind of Freedom. The band’s debut album, PAGANLAND‘s Wind of Freedom is the Ukrainians’ first new release in nearly five years, following a split CD with Tini Zabutyh Predkiv in 2008. A celebration of pagan pride and a show of metal might, Wind of Freedom carries the listener on a windswept journey like no other – verily, to a mystical PAGANLAND.

Tracklisting for PAGANLAND’s Wind of Freedom
1) Wheel of Eternity (intro)
2) Shadows of the Past
3) Power of Spirit
4) Chornohora
5) Podolyanka
6) Night Forest
7) Fogs and Twilights
8) Wind of Freedom

PAGANLAND was founded in 1997 by Ruen and Bilozor in Lviv – one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities, whose developed traditions incorporated the European cultural spirit of the last millennium, and every stone breathes with centuries-old history of decline and revival, wars and temporary rest. The natural mysticism hidden in the Carpathians’ greatness, the dense woods, and pure mountain sources could not but affect musicians with a pagan outlook. Therefore, PAGANLAND’s debut demo Gods of Golden Circle (1999) and the demo Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (2004), one way or another, had been nearly related to pagan metal. The line-up changes, routine of rehearsals, and hardships of concert activity caused PAGANLAND’s breakup in 2005, but three years later, the group re-formed and in 2011 recorded the first full-length album, Wind Of Freedom, having resumed their concert activity.

PAGANLAND is a group of persons holding the same views, who respect and love their native land, their nation, their language, and who are convinced that the Ukraine is the cradle of all Slavonic people with improbably interesting history forgotten and distorted for the last ten centuries. Megaliths and petroglyphs of Kamennaya Mogila (the Stone Grave), the sanctuary-observatory of Khortyt’sia, the ancient observatory of Mavrinsky Maidan, the mysterious zone of Suppert…the runes of „Veles’ Book” and runic manuscripts from the library of Anna Yaroslavna (Queen of France and Princess of Ukraine)…secret knowledge of molfars and volkhves…how many people around the world have even heard about all of this?

PAGANLAND’s members try to express their love of the native land, the nature in their lyrics and music, as well as draw attention of their listeners to the fact that not only money and lies rule the world in the period of the Epoch of Pisces. Human beings can – and must – stand up for the truth, and the truth of life has been established long ago by our ancestors. All meaning of PAGANLAND’s creative activity is tribute to their land, their ancient culture, their history.

PAGANLAND Discography
1999 – Gods of Golden Circle (demo)
2004 – Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors/Carpathia (split-CD w/Tini Zabutyh Predkiv)
2013 – Wind Of Freedom (full-length CD)

Volodymyr – vocal
Ruen – keyboards
Yor – drums
Stanislav – bass
Vladislav – guitar


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PAGANLAND – From Carpathian Land


Paganland – Az új album áprilisban érkezik


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