Hot News: Pantheon I – Record Two Tracks To Mark Next Phase In The Band’s Career

PANTHEON I have completed recording two tracks to show both fans and prospective labels the direction the Norwegian Extreme Metallers are taking with their music and what to expect from their fourth full length album. Whilst there are no definitive plans at the moment to release the two tracks, titled “Pariah” and “Martyr”, according to frontman Andre’ Kvebek the band “wouldn’t be averse to releasing it on vinyl as a special should any labels be interested”.

Having recently expanded their line up to include former ABSU guitarist Aethyris McKay, Kvebek explains the thinking behind the rather unusual decision to record two separate tracks first, rather than a full album and just release teasers: “We did actually have virtually a full album in a pre-production stage, but these were all tracks that pre-dated Aethyris joining the band, and were not really structured to take into account his contribution on clean vocals. After working on them for a while, we realised that most of them wouldn’t work they way we wanted them to work. Additionally of course we had his considerable song-writing skills and approach to Extreme Metal to draw on, so we decided to start again from scratch. As far as we’re concerned it was the right decision to take because we can now turn what would have been simply a “transitional” album into a fully fledged PANTHEON I anno 2012 album, which is much more fierce and much more mature than before.

Whilst Kvebek (ex 1349) still continues to write and play the guitar on recordings, the arrival of McKay has enabled him to concentrate solely on vocals when performing live, something he has been wanting for some time as it allows both himself, and the band, more flexibility on stage. Other members of the band include Sagstad (TROLLFEST, SARKOM, METAL MILITIA) on guitars, Live Julianne Costol on cello, TRS (1349, TYRANN) on bass and Mads G (THE ALLSEEING I) on drums. More information about PANTHEON I can be found on the band’s website at http://www.pantheon-i.com


Website: http://www.pantheon-i.com

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