Hot News: Perenneal Isolation signs with Darkwoods for the release of their debut album

We have the privilege of announce that the revelation band from 2013, the black metallers Perennial Isolation, have inked a deal with Darkwoods for the release of their debut full-length album which will be entitled Conviction of Voidness

And the fact is that the intense and powerful black metal they play, full of feelings, nature, magic and mysticism on the same way, is a true masterpiece in front of which we have absolutely fall at its feet…

A music absolutely true to the origins of the genre, where raw and melody are combined in a mastery way in order to create an outstanding atmosphere of nostalgia and melancholy as we have not listed to for very a long time…

Soon we will show you the final cover, as well as the tracklist and the releasing date, meanwhile you can enjoy with their first EP on their bandcamp: [click here]

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