Hot News: Philadelphia Hard Rockers Mach22 to Release „Sweet Talk Intervention” on May 6

Sweet Talk Intervention, the debut album from Philadelphia Hard Rockers MACH22 will be released on May 6. MACH22‘s rise is set to mach speed with no turning back. With killer riffs, bluesy rhythms, and soulful delivery, the band’s songs span the emotional spectrum, capturing that classic rock feel with a modern edge. It’s no wonder guitar icon Slash chose them Grand Prize Winner in Guitar Center’s Onstage with Slash contest.

Metalholic’s Rustyn Rose put it best in describing the MACH22 sound as „steeped in classic rock influences with ample amounts of bluesy rhythms, soulful delivery, and that intangible magic missing from so many of today’s cookie cutter cut-and-paste knock-offs.”
Check out the official video for „Go Ahead” and see/hear for yourself.

The video is now playing at this location.


1. Constant Denier
2. Go Ahead
3. Dont You Give Me
4. I’m Just a Man
5. Stone Rose
6. Backslider
7. Made To Love
8. Radio
9. One Trick Pony
10. Nevermind

„It’s rare that you come across a band who is so obviously musically intelligent, diverse yet have power, punch and attitude. MACH22 fits the bill. They have what it takes to appeal to rock fans, soul aficionados…anyone who enjoys into songs oozing class.” – Malcolm Dome (Metal Hammer UK, TotalRock.com)

„MACH22 create songs that are a mishmash of hard rock, soulful melody and funk…it’s good that they don’t stick to one particular musical formula!” – Black Velvet Magazine

„MACH22… A great live show and talent that really shines through in well written, confident and catchy songs with solid rock riffs and engaging lyrics. I really look forward to hearing all that this band has to offer.” – Jaxson, 93.3 WMMR-FM, Philadelphia

„Big fuzzy guitars and leather clad funk outfit the raw soul of Lamont Caldwell’s voice–creating a sound that is classic for an audience that is Eclectic!” – Keith Donaldson, 88.1 FM-WMBR Boston


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