Hot News: Pinkish Black – Set to release „Razed to the Ground” September 16 on Century Media Records

„Lots of good, lots of bad…” is one way to describe PINKISH BLACK‘s star-crossed career thus far. Their first incarnation arose in Fort Worth, TX, when 2005 saw a trio of like-minded souls connect under the banner of The Great Tyrant and set about hewing a new definition for the word „heavy.” Following the tragic passing of original bass player Tommy Atkins, the remaining duo forged ahead, morphing into an even darker macabre entity. Now comprised of drummer Jon Teague and Daron Beck on vocals and synthesizer, the band go under the new moniker Pinkish Black.

„Jon and I have been playing music for over 2 decades,” Beck comments. „The whole process of getting to this point in our lives and our music has been very much a repeating cycle of building to inevitably tear down to build again to tear down and so on… it’s how all life is. Building, destroying, building, destroying…”

„Razed to the Ground” was recorded and mixed by the band and Matt Bernhart at The Echo Lab, and was mastered to ominous perfection by James Plotkin. The songs themselves pierce the same vein as the band’s earlier material; death rock, post-punk, doom, and electronic elements slither over and under one another.

„Thick, powerful thuds, with rubber band-like distorted bass from a keyboard growling between dynamic drums, teasing synthesizer lines, and vocals that push between operatic majesty and guttural infamy.”

Be forewarned: „Razed to the Ground” will see a September 16 release date in Europe from Century Media Records. Check out the album cover and track listing:

„Razed To The Ground” track listing:
1. She Left Him Red
2. Ashtray Eyes
3. Kites and Vultures
4. Razed to the Ground
5. Bad Dreamer
6. Rise
7. Loss of Feeling of Loss

Jon Teague – Drums, Synth, Loops
Daron Beck – Vocals, Keyboard, Synth


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