Hot News: Porta Nigra signs with Debemur Morti Productions

Debemur Morti Productions is proud to announce the signing of doomed ensemble PORTA NIGRA. Paying tribute to a godless and decadent generation, the German outfit operates with a rather unusual approach and offers truly demented Dark Metal. Guitarist Gilles de Rais comments :

„We are pretty much inspired by those artists of the so called „Fin de Siècle”, as we feel those spirits experienced similar feelings like we do. For them, with the rising mechanisation and industrialisation an era came to an end and they responded their way just like we respond to the decay of our time and generation.
Most people fear the great emptiness of a truly godless and decadent time. They search for a meaning in religion, politics, symbolism, movements or scenes. But we enjoy to live in this profane emptiness. We celebrate this decay and welcome everybody to join us.”

With depraved full-length debut „Fin de Siècle” imminent, PORTA NIGRA presents its first official offering – „Megalomaniac” – in the ancient, timeless 7” EP format. Containing one album track back-to-back with an exclusive song – „Nero” – this analogue introduction is ideal for PORTA NIGRA, whose essence is of a different time and place. Artwork was conceived by French artist Valnoir Mortasonge from Metastazis and the front cover can be seen here. The gentlemen who avail of the pre-order option will qualify for free postage worldwide.

To whet your appetite for the impending decadent times, a video clip (directed by Håkan Sjödin) of the „Megalomaniac” tune is available below : http://youtu.be/oo-5zzim-Xg



The Prussian province Coblence in the year 1902, among deceitful beggars, vicious prostitutes and the omnipresent stench of absinthe:

The miserable musicians of PORTA NIGRA decide to cut loose with a last swansong for the dying 19th century: Fin de Siècle.

Irritated by the rising mechanisation, in fear of the coming carnages of 1914 and 1939 and heavily intoxicated with the worst poisons, these doomed souls raise their cups to salute the new world and embrace the angel of decadence one last time.

The sensational gramophone record „Fin de Siècle” will be released by the French maison Debemur Morti Productions, under the patronage of Wilhelm II, German Emperor, exclusively.

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