Hot News: Possession stream new track at NoCleanSinging.com

Belgian black/death maniacs POSSESSION stream the new track „Anneliese” at heavily trafficked web-portal NoCleanSinging.com. „Anneliese” is the title track to the forthcoming Anneliese 7″, set for international release on April 12th via IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS in cooperation with INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS. Last year, fans and critics worldwide thrilled to the feral, bloodlusting violence across POSSESSION‘s debut demo, His Best Deceit, but here on the two-song Anneliese 7″, POSSESSION boldly prove that their diabolic force extends into more haunting realms. No less hysteric, the reined-in thrust on these two tracks pounds ‘n’ plods into the most fucked-up dungeon mortal ears will hear. Less a statement of „heavy metal” and more a ritual of unspeakable horror,Anneliese shows that POSSESSION are just beginning to stoke the hellfires of immortality… Here for yourself exclusively HERE

Tracklisting for POSSESSION (Belgium)’s Anneliese 7″ EP
Side A: Anneliese
Side B: Apparition


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