Hot News: Power Prog & Simulacrum collaborate / music video out!

Power Prog and Simulacrum announce good news: After two years since the release of their praised debut album, ”The Master and the Simulacrum”, Simulacrum is yet again ready to carry the torch of progressive metal and bring light into darkness. The debut was packed with complex, 70’s influenced progressive metal but now the band has clarified their sound for their second effort to be released later on in 2014. Steps have been taken both towards thrash metal and epic power metal without losing the bands progressive soul.

”Intergalactic Warfare” lives up to it’s name as a dystopic space opera which covers the story of two rival species and the battle to survive. One day massive spacecrafts of a previously unknown alien race glide from behind the belt of Orion. The home planet of these aliens has dried up during the millenniums and has forced them on a crusade to foreign worlds in hopes of water reserves. The planet Tellus doesn’t have enough water for two races so a war is inevitable. This epic saga will be told both musically as an album and in writing on the band’s website.

Because of the album’s hollywood inspired concept the members of the band have challenged themselves to visualize part of the story as music videos. This first video to be released is called ”Deep in the Trenches” and it is the 6th song on the album. At this point the aliens have fought their way past the outposts of the humans and have made their way to the dismal landscapes of the corporation ruled Earth. Nature is dead and photosynthesis is nonexistent. Man with his high skill in science releases oxygen into the atmosphere with massive machines. In the video we see fierce battle scenes deep in the trenches of planet Earth. The video is directed by Esa Jussila and the main character is played by P3 Boxing Team’s professional boxer and 6 time Finnish champion Eemeli Katajisto. Turku Arts Academy is co-producer of the video.

VIDEO LINK: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_1MSUDb-_0


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Simulacrum – Sky Divided (Official Video)


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