Hot News: Pre-order – Munruthel’s “CREEDamage” on Gatefold DLP!

In February, 2014 Possession Productions in cooperation with Svarga Music releases vinyl version of “CREEDamage” – a brand new, fifth album of Ukrainian Pagan Metal band MUNRUTHEL. Performed in the finest traditions of Symphonic Pagan Metal, the new album features guest vocals from Masha “Scream” (ARKONA) and Wulfstan (FOREFATHER), as well as a cracking cover of BATHORY’s “The Lake”. Vinyl version contains exclusive bonus track “Crucible of War”.

MUNRUTHEL‘s most mature work to date, the album’s musical canvas is decorated not only with the atmospheric dabs inherent in early works of the project’s composer, but also with the aggressive riffing first heard on “Oriana Tales” and fully revealed on “Epoch of Aquarius”. “CREEDamage” will be more interesting to the admirers of a heavy guitar sound that is matched with powerful orchestral arrangements and graceful atmospherics.

The album concept covers topics that have been explored by the composer since MUNRUTHEL‘s origin in 1995. Specifically, it concerns his boundless love for Mother Nature, as an embodiment of native, natural beliefs and a primordial pagan outlook. The track “Carpathians’ Shield” is dedicated to the memory of last known Molphar (traditional sorcerer by birth in Carpathian culture) Mikhail Nechay (24.02.1930 – 14.07.2011), who was killed in the summer of 2011 by a Christian zealot.

Album come in Gatefold DLP. Artwork by Mstibog, layout design by Al.Ex {Mayhem Design} and RA design.

“Munruthel just might be Ukrainian black metal’s best-kept secret. Fantastical to the Nth degree, with all the pomp and circumstance of Rhapsody of Fire, Septicflesh, or even Ex Deo, but on the right side of heterosexual and, crucially, with that bit of underground/outsider cool.”
Zero Tolerance #049 (UK, English, 4.5/6)

“If you folk music, chanting, and pagan odes to the high gods; then you’ll certainly love this album. It’s also not out of character when the drums blast along to some of the best orchestration this side of Lord Of The Rings, atmospheres and orchestration is a big part of this album.”
The Grim Tower (USA, English, 9/10)

“A beautful album from start to finish. So lean back and enjoy this masterpiece.”
Skullfucker (Norway, English)

“I have been impressed by this album, which leaves a major piece into the style of folk metal. Without pressing too much on cliches, Munruthel delivers subtle work, quite orchestral and really opened to the public “metal”. I strongly recommend it!”
Pavillon666 (France, French, 8.5/10)

“It is that emotional. It is that grand. It is that final battle call. There is no return once embraced by this album. This is extreme metal at its most beauty.”
Battle Helm (International, English)

“With CREEDamage MUNRUTHEL sits on his throne of Ukraine’s Metal! Hail to the King!”
Metalland (France, French)

“Soundcheck #2/45!”
Parat Magazine #48 (Czech Republic, Czech)

“Extremely rich, massive, explosive, detailed, natural, serious, intense, and, finally, melodic! Even If you are far like a well produced, played, sung and perfectly massive epic pagan folk metal, then you simply have to get this masterpiece!”
Nocturne Magazine (Serbia, Serbian, 9.5/10)

“Shiningly cinematic and unapologetic in its defiance of genre.”
Terrorizer #229 (UK, English, 4/5)

“This album have thousand and one details that will keep your attention from beginning to the end of the disc!”
Queens of Steel (Spain, Spanish, 9.5/10)

“The truth is that it is an excellent job from start to finish.”
Xtreem Music (Spain, Spanish, 9/10)

“If you want intelligent, complex, tuneful metal that is packed with originality and energy, then you are onto the winner with this release. CREEDamage is a seamlessly crafted epic symphony of metal excellence!”
Metal Mouth (USA, English, 8.5/10)

“Album of the Month! I don’t think I have heard an album, at least not in the recent past, where guitar riffs, rich orchestration and authentic Ukrainian feeling were in such perfect harmony.”
MetalReviews (USA, English, 91/100 AOTM)

So act fast. Only 500 copies will be printed. 100 first copies come with logo-patch.

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