Hot News: Punch & Living Eyes On Tour Now

Bay Area bands PUNCH and LIVING EYES are hitting the East Coast together this week – check out the tour dates below.

The most recent EP from Bay Area, CA’s PUNCH, showcases influences as varied as the 5 members’ musical backgrounds, spending time in bands as diverse as Doppelganger, Loma Prieta, and Bullets In. As with their previous releases “Nothing Lasts” straddles a variety of hardcore sub-genres. From thrash to d-beat to straight up youth crew Punch recombines all of these genres to create something all their own without ever being forced or cheesy (they’re vegan, duh). “Nothing Lasts” is a slightly more introspective release for the band which lyrically and musically explores active nihilism – the idea that it is better to actively break down your walls and change yourself rather than to sit around and wait for the world to spoon feed you. Make each moment count because no matter good or bad, nothing lasts.

Also from the Bay Area, Living Eyes features four members who have done multiple stints in the septic tank that is modern U.S. punk/hardcore. Members of Ceremony, Look Back and Laugh, Punch, Talk is Poison, Skin Like Iron, Loma Prieta, Rely, Dead and Gone, California Love, etc. Nods to early North American primitive hardcore and UK punk stone carvings.

For more information, check out DeathwishInc.com.

08/01: Washington, DC @ TBA (Punch Only)
08/02: Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space (Punch Only)
08/03: Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary – Punch & Living Eyes
08/04: New York, NY @ ABC No Rio – Punch & Living Eyes
08/05: Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio – Punch & Living Eyes
08/06: Milford, CT @ Point Beach Clubhouse – Punch & Living Eyes
08/07: Providence, RI @ AS220 – Punch & Living Eyes
08/08: Boston, MA @ Democracy Center – Punch & Living Eyes

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