Hot News: Reactivated Putrid Offal Signs with Kaotoxin Records

Kaotoxin is EXTREMELY proud to announce the inking of a multi-album deal with recently re-activated legendary Goregrind / Grindcore band from France, PUTRID OFFAL!

In 1990, PUTRID OFFAL, spawned from the sick minds of Ludovic Loez (Supuration / SUP), Franck Peiffer and Frédéric Houriez, became one of France’s first Grindcore bands (along Blockheads, Inhumate, etc.). That same year, the Unformed demo was released and the band quickly caught the attention of the worldwide Grindcore underground. The hype resulted in the At the Sight of the Foul Offal… split 7-inch EP with Grind legends Agathocles (Skin Drill / Seraphic Decay, 1991). PUTRID OFFAL also appeared on a number of compilation albums (Appointment with Fear – Cyber Music and Slam-A-Ham’s Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! to name a couple).

Due to the growing recognition his main band was receiving and the resulting scheduling conflicts, Ludovic Loez left the band and was replaced by Boris Reisdorff (Nocturnal Fears) before PUTRID OFFAL entered the studio again to record the now cult Premature Necropsy split LP with Switzerland’s Exculceration (Wimp / Adipocere).

The band embarked on various tours around Europe (with most notable and memorable stops in Belgium and Germany) and was then recruited by France’s Underground Records to record new material for the Obscurum Per Obscurius compilation disc.

In 1994, due to musical differences, Boris parted ways with the band, which opened the door to Loez’s return. PUTRID OFFAL then began experimenting with a more industrial approach, including a drum-machine, and changed its name to M.PHERAL (which would record an EP and two full-lengths, only one of which has been released). M.PHERAL would also disband in the second half of the ’90s.

In 2013, twenty years after its last recording, Frédéric Houriez and Franck Peiffer enlisted Philippe Reinhalter (Division Alpha) to reanimate PUTRID OFFAL‘s dead flesh with the intent of recording new material.

Kaotoxin Records has announces that the reactivated legends are in the process of re-recording their entire back-catalogue along with bonus material. The result is absolutely mind-blowing and will completely delight old PUTRID OFFAL fans, and will definitely chop new heads!

The yet untitled release, which will be mastered at the Conkrete Studio (Otargos, We All Die (laughing)) will come as a 1000 copies limited-edition, double DigiSleeve CD with a remastered collection of all of the band’s past works as they’ve been released back in the day. Subsequent pressings will not feature the „old-school version.” This release is a killer opportunity for PUTRID OFFAL fans to witness how monstrously rotten the PUTRID OFFAL corpse became during its 20 years of living six feet underground! Expect anything but a MONSTRUOUS comeback!

All Hail the Walking Dead!


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Putrid Offal – „Suffering” EP megjelent a Kaotoxin Records kiadónál; új nagylemez és gyűjtemény 2015-ben


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