Hot News: Reaper – “Fairies Return” Release Date: 25 May 2012

REAPER is a completely underrated Teutonic-Metal-band that was founded in Kassel back in 1984. In the glorious 80’s they only recorded two demos („Reaper“ in 1985 and „Metal Or What???“ in 1988) and a self-financed EP called „Fairies Return“ in 1986. It wasn’t before 1990 until their debut-album „Beyond All Time“ was released on Bellaphon. After that, they still released three other albums in irregular time schedules (1992, 2000 and 2009).

But you know, that we usually deal with very early stuff of this kind of music, so it was a logical step to re-release the legendary four-track-EP and the best tracks of both demos of the early period of this band. We also added three songs taken from a „pre-production“-tape from 1991, that are nearly as great as their 80’s stuff. The sound of these five maniacs is typical for old German Heavy/Speed Metal-bands, like e. g. STEELER („Steeler“ and „Rulin‘ The Earth“), old STORMWITCH, FACT or ATLAIN. The guitar-sound is typically raw for that time. They all were simply-structured, but effective (the songs of the „Metal Or What???“-demo for all senses!). But they never get boring or stupid! The vocals of their singer Thomas Bennecke sometimes sound a bit weird but never disharmonic, so this unique style is what true fans of that kind of music want to hear, because bands like REAPER still keep the underrated Metal-movement of the past alive. All the music was remastered by Sasch Menschl of Mighty Monster Records without losing the spirit of the old recordings.

Maniacs Of Teutonic Steel: This Masterpiece Is For You!


1 Killing Machine
2 Fairies Return
3 Emotional Rescue
4 Ruling The Earth
5 Invader
6 In The Middle Of The Night
7 Crawling Nearer
8 Fountain Of Youth
9 Thousand Years
10 Don´t Take It Away
11 Breaking Out My Fear
12 I Love You
13 Far Away

actual line-up:

bass – Matthias Kraft
guitars, vocals – Daniel Zimmermann
drums – Jan Breede
guitars – Benni Meike

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