Hot News: Rebellion – Announce tour dates and further album details

Only a couple of days to go until REBELLION are going to release their new album “Arminius – Furor Teutonicus“!

The album will feature the following songs:
01. Rest In Peace
02. Ala Germanica
03. Rrince Of The Cheruscer
04. Dusk Awaiting Dawn
05. Breeding Hate
06. The Seeress’ Tower
07. Varus
08. The Tribes United
09. Ghost Of Freedom
10. Furor Teutonicus
11. Vae Victis
12. Requiem

REBELLION are going to hit the road in November to play a couple of shows with Dragonsfire and others. They have also announced two shows in December:

REBELLION, Dragonsfire + Guests
01.11.2012 DE Köln – Blue Shell – www.facebook.com/events/505114496171021
02.11.2012 DE Uelsen – UJT – www.facebook.com/events/350226958403800
03.11.2012 DE Oberhausen – Helvete Metal Club – www.facebook.com/events/262901390478147
16.11.2012 NL Kerkrade – The Rock Temple – www.facebook.com/events/116451865166196
17.11.2012 DE Bremen – Meisenfrei – www.facebook.com/events/218378118284755
24.11.2012 DE Primasens – Zur Schwemme – www.facebook.com/events/415403818511554
08.12.2012 DE Wetzlar – Franzis – www.facebook.com/events/208590742605278
15.12.2012 DE Paderborn – Kulturwerkstatt (Heavy X-Mas Festival) – www.facebook.com/events/188685331266650

You can listen to snippets from “Arminius – Furor Teutonicus” here: http://massacre.musiclogistics.net/releases/19500?lang=en

Tour Flyer: http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae257/massacrerecordseurope/MR%20News/RevellionNovDezTour.jpg

www.rebellion-metal.de | www.facebook.com/rebellionmetal

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