Hot News: Reign of Vengeance – Announces New EP

Arizona death maniacs REIGN OF VENGEANCE have started work on the follow up to their 2011 release, Disemboweling Swine. Front man and founder Marshall „Fucking” Beck made the following statement about the forthcoming EP.

„REIGN OF VENGEANCE has begun pre-production on a new five song EP. I can promise that as of right now this album will be extremely dangerous, simply because of its lyrical content. The music, as always, is speaking for itself in terms of masterly crafted horror oriented brutality. Over the past couple of years I have begun to run within certain circles and have obtained knowledge about certain things that might happen to our deserving and pathetic race of humans within our near future.  This will not be another meaningless gore soaked „total fucking brutal” album like the other cliches of the death metal genre, and this will not be like a black metal album that constantly attacks a force that may or may not even exist.   This album addresses real forces and certain individuals that posses more power than can be contemplated by most common minds.  I have always believed that music is a weapon and this album will certainly prove that.  If upon its release there is not mass confusion and chaos amongst the common men and the Elite then I will be thoroughly disappointed.  The name of this upcoming EP will be entitled THE FINAL SOLUTION; THE FINAL REBELLION.  Expect Brutality, expect bloodshed, but above all, expect REVOLUTION.”


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