Hot News: Revenge are back!!! „Survival Instinct” will be out on 14 of January!

Survival Instinct” , third full length of the legenday Italian band Revenge published by Fuel Records, will be available on the major digital store by Self/Believe distribution.

They also release today the first music video „Dead or Alive„, the first track preview of their album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvpLSgshhdk&feature=youtu.be

January 2014 marks the long awaited return of italian historycal hard rockers Revenge with a brand new album titled “Survival Instinct” (Fuel records).

Revenge are among the pioneers of 80’s new wave of italian metal and undoubtly left a strong mark in the history of that scene, This album, featuring ten original songs in the best tradition of classic rock, represents a sort of bridge between the raw power sound of their first EP “Hotzone” and the powerful melodic rock of their following works like “Sweet Revenge”. Thanks to the solid production of the young and talented italian producer Paolo Rossi, “Survival Instinct” is not just a summary of the past of Revenge but delivers a powerful, up to date sound not afraid of confronting the finest quality of nowadays modern rock.

The band line up features original members Kevin Throat on guitars and vocals, Red Crotalo on guitars, Erik Lumen on drums and the newcomer Vallo on bass. The songs featured in the album showcase the versatility of Revenge’s songwriting through ground breaking riffs (“Dead or Alive”, “Survival Instinct” and “Cannonball”) great melodic anthems (”Crazy Nights”, “Can’t hold me down”, “Shelter”) and power ballads (”Flying”, “Home Again”).

In conclusion, “Survival Instinct” is strongly suggested for any classic rock fan looking for something deeply rooted in the best tradition of the past, yet with a modern twist and performed by a band at the top of his maturity.


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