Hot News: Right to The Void Re-sign with Wormholedeath and enter studio on May the 19th!

French’s Progressive Deathcore combo Right To The Void signed a new deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their second album, scheduled for late 2014.

Right To The Void will enter Mathlab Recording Studio with producer Jonathan Mazzeo on May the 19th. The album, wich will be mixed and mastered again by Chris Donalson of Cryptopsy, will be titled „Light Of The Fallen Gods” and will represent a further development of the band’s sound and concept.

Tracklist is as follows:

Swallow’s Flight, Death Circles, Fate Of Betrayal, The Sun Of The Leaving Ones, Through The Grave,
The One Who Shoulders The Light (Part I), The One Who Shoulders The Light (Part II), Majesty’s Doors,
Origins Of A New World, This Is Our Time.

Here’s the Official Press-Statement from the band:

We are thrilled to release a second album with our friends from WORMHOLEDEATH and to work once again with Mathlab Studio and Chris Donaldson. This is the dream team right there ! We are very proud of the songs and we can’t wait to record this album.”

Worm stated: „Right To The Void is a real band with a real plan and true attitude. I was sure that the new stuff was going to be great but when I got the new demos I suddenly understood that these french guys are one step ahead even of themselves. The great work done together, our friendship and mutual respect led both parts to naturally confirm the record deal and to produce / release the new album together. The awesome new songs are just the result of their hard work and human/musical integrity. I truly respect and admire Paul, Hugo, Guillame, Gauthier and Fabien … That’s why I wanted to work with them again without hesitation.”

While waiting for the new album we would like to suggest you all to stream their video „Kingdom Of Vanity”

And to purchase their killer debut album!


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Hot News: Right To The Void sign with Wormholedeath


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