Hot News: Riot To Continue as Riot V With New Vocalist

RIOT’s classic „Thundersteel” and „Privilege Of Power” line-up re-united in 2009 and delivered another ground breaking disc „Immortal Soul”. Released by major metal heavy weights SPV/ Steamhammer & Avalon/ Marquee, and a successful tour with performances on the prestigious Royal Caribbean 70,000 Tons Of Metal oceanliner concert and appearances at Sweden Rock and Metalway festivals solidified RIOT’s long sought after return a success, but success doesn’t come without tragedy. RIOT‘s journey has never been easy, with personal changes and the untimely deaths of frontmen Guy Speranza, Rhett Forrester as well as the passing of long time founding guitarist Mark Reale who finally lost his life long battle with Crohn’s disease early last year, and with Tony Moore battling his own demons and health issues, RIOT, like Johnny, are back again! Through the storm of lifes obsticles Mike Flyntz, Bobby Jarzomber and Don Van Stavern are joined by powerhouse vocalist extraordinaire Todd Michael Hall (JACK STARR’S BURNING STARR, REVERENCE) and are ready to raise the flag in honor of the RIOT legacy of music and our fallen band mates and heros, as well as the fans who have been demanding RIOT for years and years to come!  With the blessing of Mark’s father Tony Reale, the remaining members prepare for the next phase, the fifth phase if you will, of RIOT.

The RIOT V. Mark always used to say that there were always different phases of RIOT thoughout the years continuing on with a new singer, sound, logo as well and each having a few records under their belt, Phase One: Guy Speranza, Phase Two: Rhett Forrester, Phase Three: Tony Moore, Phase Four: Mike DiMeo and now Phase Five: Todd Michael Hall! With a new album in the works for a Summer 2014 release and reissues on Sony, EMI & Metal Blade, RIOT are consistantly on radio and Metal charts worldwide, as well as being a part of New York City’s Top 20 most influencial metal bands and numerous mentions on VH1’s That Metal Show, with Eddie Trunk and staff sighting RIOT as one of the inovaters of Metal music in America and beyond! RIOT truely are Immortal Souls! Mike, Don, Bobby and Todd are inspired as never before and still at the top of their game, and the new CD promises to be a true successor to the legacy of „Thundersteel”, „Privilege Of Power” and „Immortal Soul”. Mark and the RIOT legacy will forever Shine On and as long as the people demand it we will keep coming back with great music for years to come. Please welcome Todd Michael Hall and RIOT V!

Visit the band @ www.facebook.com/riotrockcity

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RIOT – Immortal Soul


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