Hot News: Ripple Music to Release Devil To Pay’s Fate is Your Muse April 9th

Ripple Music will release Fate is Your Muse from Indianapolis heavy rockers DEVIL TO PAY on April 9th . The album will be available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Fate is your Muse is an introspective lyrical journey that careens from the metaphysical, to the absurd, to the pragmatic (and back again), all set to bone crushing heaviness wrapped in elaborate vocal melodies and elegant guitar phrases. Exploring topics such as reincarnation, the end of days, and the thin veil between reality and fantasy, the Indianapolis foursome create a rare musical experience; one that will have heavy rock fans returning for the primal emotional riffs, as well as the complex and heady lyrical content.

Wearin’ You Down
Ten Lizardmen & One Pocketknife
Yes Master
Already Dead
This Train Won’t Stop*
Black Black Heart
The Naked Truth
Mass Psychosis
Tie One On*
Beyond The Ether

*CD version only

DEVIL TO PAY released a video for the single „This Train Won’t Stop,” which was premiered by The Obelisk in conjunction with the end of the Mayan Baktun on December 21st. The lyrics are about the continual false prophesizing of the world’s end. Check out the video at this location.

The band is hosting a listening party for Fate Is Your Muse at the Sound Square Brewery in Indianapolis on the 16th of March, which will feature the establishment’s home brews, all of which will be named after DEVIL TOP PAY songs for the night. DEVIL TO PAY‘s album release party will be held at Radio Radio in Indianapolis on the 12th of April.

Pre-order Fate is your Muse HERE.

For complete bio info on DEVIL TO PAY visit this location.


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