Hot News: Roachclip – “Night Falls” Cover, Track List

The third album of german ROACHCLIP is finished. “Night Falls” will be released worldwide on 25 May 2012. It´s an very good produced AOR-influenced Hard Rock album.

At the third time all become great! No: even better!!!

Easy to forget that “Nightfalls” is the third album, but inbetween 26 years since the debut there was not too much output because the band only wanted to release the best stuff and so we remember that “Till morning light” -their first effort- was still from vinyl times!

The musicians know each other and play perfectly together! Of course they have a lot of experience from playing with bands or musicians like ROSE TATTOO, Udo Lindenberg, Nicko McBrain, Pauls Samson, John lord or Carmine Appice.

The road which was taken from the band was more a highway than a street: Dynamic, powerful, fast and with the will always to create something exceptional.

So the new album shows again very unique and modern music, but on the tradition of the hard rocking roots. So ROACHLIP is today what the band always was: A real “living” and inventing group with many sides to explore and for sure not a boring clone project like so many Hard Rock bands in these times.

So in the best sense: It’s a WORTH to listen to it!


1 No Reason
2 Buffalo
3 Le Bon Roi Dagobert
4 GL 298
5 It is You
6 Poison Blonde
7 1077
8 Praying Mantis
9 St. James Infirmary
10 Stay With Me
11 Suck Duck Rockin´
12 When the Nightfalls
13 Fisherman


vocals, guitars, bass, keys – Sven Bauer
keys – Oliver Noack
drums – Fritz Steger
vocals, bass – Thilo Kromer
guitars – Rolf Schmidt

Szólj hozzá!