Hot News: Rorcal announce „Vilagvege” Live album

 This is the final chapter of the „Vilagvege” era. 

 After having played it live for about a hundred shows and releasing it on vinyl, tape and CD, now is the time for the Swiss doom/black metal conspirators Rorcal to propose the very last version of the „Vilagvege” album : the live one.

A live record fully self-produced by the band itself, recorded during the „Vilagvege” release party in Genevaon April 14th 2013 and including special guests appearances of Japanese Noise Master KK-Null and Portugueses Doom Gods Process Of Guilt for an apocalyptic final. This live album will be released in very limited edition (300 copies only) as a 180 grams 12 inches black vinyl. The side A will content the 17 last minutes of the show that features the final act with KK-Null and Process Of Guilt. The Side B will be engraved with the arms of the band.

By the way, the studio version of „Vilagvege” is still available for streaming / free download and CD/LP physical copies on the Rorcal Doom Market.

Stream and/or download for free the full studio album // Pre-order your copy of the live album.

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