Hot News: Sacred Heart – “The Vision” Cover Artwork, Track List

The legendary SACRED HEART demo “The Vision” will be released officially worldwide via PURE UNDERGROUND RECORDS / PURE STEEL RECORDS for the first time ever.
Release date: 27th of April 2012 / KEEP IT TRUE

Please pay attention, all you fans of nearly forgotten US Metal-demos! With SACRED HEART from Cleveland we signed a really unknown band not even recognised by most Metal-fans. There was only one three-track-tape called „The Vision“ back in 1989. This demo will finally be released on CD by Pure Underground Records at this year’s Keep It True-festival. Two more extra tracks will be included on this one: „Time After Time“ from 1991’s „Heavy Artillery“-sampler (released by Auburn Records) and „Take Hold“ (a track, that was long forgotten), as well as a previously unreleased EP from 2010 recorded by guitarist Byron Nemeth (who entered Amon-Ra after the split of SACRED HEART in 1991).
The three included songs of that demo, which was remastered by Bruce Maddocks in the Pacifica Studios in Los Angeles at the beginning of the year, spread the same magic like e. g. Shok Paris or old Fifth Angel-stuff. Everybody will hail the high-pitched-vocals of singer Keith Van Tassel, the melodic twin-guitars and the raw drum-sound of this masterpiece.
The six-track-EP of the BYRON NEMETH GROUP is more progressive and modern then; not as much typical as the other US Metal-stuff, including some keyboards and even violins as well. But its varied songwriting is great as well. Singer Ray Richter has a clear, powerful voice at this one.
This is greatest stuff from the USA, that no fan of this genre should ever miss!
The analog tape transfer from the original 1989 Sacred Heart Master Tapes was done by industry guru Bruce Maddocks in Los Angeles, California on 01.16.12.
All SACRED HEART songs have been fully Re-Mastered by Pacifica Studios.
The transport of the original artwork to the year 2012 was in the hands of Timo Wuerz.


1 We`ll Hold On Till Tomorrow
2 New Order
3 The Vision
4 Time After Time
5 Take Hold

6 Demon’s Wing
7 Selfish
8 The Game
9 Dreamcatcher
10 What’s Done Is Done

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