Hot News: Sarcofagus – Godfathers of Finnish Metal – New Vinyl LP Reissues And Rare ‘Go To Hell’ Single From 1979 Available

„Envoy Of Death” & „Moottorilinnut” (Motorbirds) Vinyls are now out! To make things even sweeter the „Moottorilinnut” Vinyl includes a30th Anniversary Extra, the 1st official release of the World’s 1st Full Album Length Metal Video on a DVD.

To complete the 80s Sarcofagus collection Svart has also re-released the ultra rare Sarcofagus „Go To Hell / All Those Lies” Single from 1979.

The albums have the original artwork plus gatefold design and booklet. I have worked with Svart to design these luxury re-releases. I found previously unseen pictures form my archives and every album has the behind the scenes story written by me.

Now Sarcofagus has a limited amount of these vinyls on sale on our www site and our Ebay shop. I can also autograph the albums if requested.


The „Back From The Dead” Album is already mixed and the Artwork finished. I am now working on the full album length video. The „Moottorilinnut” video was revolutionary and ahead of time. Again my plan is to push the boundaries of music videos and create something totally new. This takes a lot of time and the band is asking to be supported by you!

Here’s the links where to buy the new vinyls:

Sarcofagus Ebay Shop: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/crystal-skulls/m.html

Sarcofagus www shop: http://www.sarcofagus.com/Sarcofagus/SHOP.html

Kimmo Kuusniemi

Here’s what Svart Records say about the release:

Kimmo Kuusniemi Band (Sarcofagus) „Moottorilinnut” (Motorbirds)

This 1981 album is a landmark in several ways. It was the first heavy metal album sung in Finnish, the first heavy metal album with schlager pop superstars on vocals and also the first to feature an album length music video. This deluxe analog edition features a gatefold jacket, a 12 page booklet and also the original music video on DVD! Only small portions of this shelved video have been in public circulation, until now.

„This album should always have been „by Sarcofagus”. It is a natural follow up to the earlier Sarcofagus recordings. Despite the good feedback and media interest the overall success was modest. But the label JP-Musiikki refused to support anything with the name of Sarcofagus on the cover. Compromises were made. The only way to start recording again was to change the band’s name into Kimmo Kuusniemi Band. We would do the album in Finnish, because of popular demand. We would only use the JP Base studio during downtimes, nights and weekends. I also promised to include famous names and top musicians: Upi Sorvali on drums and Kirka and Muska Babitzin on vocals. Most musicians were still looking down on Heavy Metal, and there was a lot of elitism about music genres. Many musicians refused to take part. I had always admired Kirka and Muska Babitzin for their singing, they both have a natural Rock sound. They were a few years older than me and I’d listened to them since the early 70s, although their music was far from Metal. When I asked Kirka to take part in Motorbirds, to my astonishment he agreed! He came to the studio and sang a couple of tracks in one day, he was a natural. Unfortunately he had forgotten to tell about the project to his record company CBS, and they went ballistic. Surely this would ruin his „nice boy” image for good… ” Kimmo Kuusniemi
Mega-thick gatefold jacket, 12 page booklet with unseen material and liner notes, bonus DVD. Limited to 350 black and 150 red vinyl copies.

Side A Metaliinen Sateenkaari Side B Moottorilinnut
Kuoleman Kauppias Veistoksen Ajatuksia
1000 Megawatin Totuus Talo
Elävien Hautausmaa Megakone

Sarcofagus „Envoy Of Death”

Sarcofagus were certainly an odd band to come out Finland in the late seventies. While the nation grooved to countless punk rock and rockabilly revival bands, the Kimmo Kuusniemi -led troupe explored a darker, heavier terrain. The band’s first album „Cycle of Life”, released in early 1980, had been a poorly received but solid hard rock effort. Sarcofagus returned to the studio later in the same year and took their concept of heavy metal further into darkness with the 2nd album „Envoy of Death”. Promo shots showed the group breathing fire and brandishing crosses in full corpsepaint; this in combination with occult lyrics and doom-laden riffing resulted in a masterpiece but also guaranteed the band found little audience at the time. Original copies of the LP ended up in bargain bins and Sarcofagus decided to call it quits, only to gain international cult recognition later. Tracks like the 9-minute doom opus „Black Contract” show how far ahead of their time the band really was.
The Svart re-edition of „Envoy of Death” is limited to 350 black and 150 red vinyl copies, and also features a gatefold jacket plus a 8 page booklet with unseen material and liner notes.
Mega thick gatefold jacket, 8 page booklet, 350 x black and 150 x red vinyl.

Side A Envoy Of Death Side B Die To win
The Deadly Game Stolen Salvation
Wheels Of Destruction Black Contract
Insane rebels

Sarcofagus „Go To Hell / All Those Lies” Single

Here’s the rarest item in the Sarcofagus discography remastered and reissued! This is the band’s debut seven inch from 1979 with the tracks „Go to Hell” (not the same song as on the first album) and „All Those Lies”. The baby steps of Finnish Heavy Metal.

Limited edition of 500.

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