Hot News: Savn Release Music Video For Album-Single “Hang On”

SAVN’s official music video for the single ‘Hang On’, taken from the band’s self titled debut album “Savn”, was filmed in Stavanger, one of the biggest cities in Norway and singer’s Carmen Elise Espenaes hometown (Stig and Anders grew up right outside Stavanger). Stavanger is located at Norway’s west coast at the sea called Nordsjøen. And a little place, Hundvåg, right there in Stavanger, has a beautiful mystic forest that is called Trollskogen (“The forests of trolls”) with a view on the sea, and this was the perfect location to film the story behind the title ‘Hang On’. Some of the video footage was filmed in an old bunker in that forest, which was used for saving lives; back from the Second World War. The story treats an emotional theme: To be without hope and to see no end of your struggles. A girl who has gone through some horrible experiences tries to escape from her thoughts, but doesn’t know where to go. She finds an old wooden boat and sails at the sea without oars and without any direction. Then she just gives up… What happens next? That is to be seen in the music video….

The main focus of this first SAVN videoclip was to make it as real as possible, without many effects and to deliver the fans the story in its best way. This is typical SAVN; the cover and promo photos are also all based on real photos.

Carmen explains: “We want to transfer emotions and how life can be. I didn’t want to be styled up perfectly and try to look as a “Barbie girl”. I wanted to tell a story”.  Carmen wrote the basic script for the video and soon found out that this wouldn’t be the easiest story to shoot… “It was quite difficult to find an old enough boat in that shape. Susanne Dahle, the girl in the video, was very brave to sit in the boat in the middle of the sea without oars. Respect! It was also freezing cold, I`ve never been so cold in my life!”, Carmen reports from the set and shakes just by remembering the icy cold in Stavanger on the day of the filming was done.

“The producer Leo from Frog Leap Studio did a fantastic job and exceeded the band’s expectations”, adds a label representative, “CDR Records and SAVN can’t praise the team enough”. The studio filming was done in Mico Foto Studio in Stavanger.

The key message of the song goes out to everyone who struggles: Hang on, there is always a way! Check out the SAVN video here and ‘Hang on’ to it 🙂

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