Hot News: Sea Of Bones – Atmospheric Doom Wielders Premiere New Tune Via The Obelisk

Start your weekend on the dire side with a helping of „Black Arm,” from Connecticut atmospheric doom metal militia, SEA OF BONES. The latest ditty of dirge comes courtesy of the band’s forthcoming The Earth Wants Us Dead full-length, set for release later this month.

Their first proper recording in six years, The Earth Wants Us Dead serves as a true testament to SEA OF BONES’ impenetrable determination. Having weathered all manners of hell both collectively and personally, from a tour-terminating van crash and lineup shifts to two scrapped recordings, trashed songs, and a near breakup, The Earth Wants Us Dead could have, quite easily, not have been. However, SEA OF BONES returns triumphantly to their original three-piece lineup, bruised, gnarlier and more determined than ever before.

Recorded with guitarist Tom Mucherino and longtime friend David Lutz at a secret underground location (Mucherino’s cellar) and mastered by Mell Dettmer (Earth, Kayo Dot, Thou), The Earth Wants Us Dead heaves forth a cataclysmic wall of soul-rumbling distortion. Crowned, „beautifully agonizing,” in an early review by Verbicide, who furthers that it’s, „pure, uncut ugly, cooked up on a bloody spoon, and slowly shot into your ear hole…with a railroad spike,” the six track offering is unapologetically severe; an introspective outpouring of sound and emotion that is at once morose yet infuriated. SEA OF BONES‘ The Earth Wants Us Dead is the thick, intestine-rupturing resonance of true despair and includes a nearly forty-minute soul-swallowing droney instrumental improv piece (the title track) recorded at InnerSpaceSoundLabs with Scott Amore.

Elaborates The Obelisk of „Black Arm,” „SEA OF BONES have more to offer than inhuman tonal weight and thunderous crash with throaty shouts trying to cut through the fray only to be buried like everything else. As you make your way through ‘Black Arm’… and hear the nods to Through Silver in Blood in the vocal tradeoffs and the overarching rumble, keep in mind the radical mindset that could produce such monstrously scathing product and it’ll quickly become clear why everything you’ve seen about the band to this point speaks in absolutes.”

Adds the band, „This is the first song we wrote after finally returning to our original three-piece lineup. It’s also the fastest and most chaotic song we have ever written.”

Blow out your speakers with „Black Arm” at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, you can still sample The Stone The Slave And The Architect” HERE.

The Earth Wants Us Dead will be released digitally on October 31, 2013 via the SEA OF BONES BandCamp page. Further info, including live assaults, to be announced in the weeks to follow.

SEA OF BONES’ atmospheric sludge is even bleaker than Neurosis’. The only color is shades of black. Ultra-heavy riffs rumble below distant smears of feedback… „– Decibel


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