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Season of Mist just inked a deal with Philip H. Anselmo’s own label Housecore Records! Needless to say, the whole staff is thrilled and excited to start working with such a legendary artist. “A lot of things can be said about Philip Anselmo, but one thing can’t be questioned – his integrity”, Season of Mist CEO Michael Berberian comments. “He’s the definition of a true metal head, and his signings are a reflection of that. We’ll be looking forward to working his brand in Europe and giving it the attention it deserves!”

“I am looking forward to working with Season of Mist in concert with Housecore Records very, very much”, Philip states. “Season has a killer roster themselves, and it’ll be a pleasure doing the DIY business of propelling Underground/Extreme music with them. For real, and forever yours truly”.

The first Housecore release to hit European stores will be a split EP by PHILIP H. ANSELMO AND THE ILLEGALS and WARBEAST, to be released this March 15th. Entitled ‘War of the Gargantuas’, this EP includes two songs from each artist, marking the release of Philip Anselmo’s first solo work. Here are the cover artwork and tracklisting:

  1. Conflict
  2. Birth of a Psycho
  3. Family, „Friends”, and Associates
  4. It

“This split is a glimpse into the future of both my solo project and ultimate thrash metallers WARBEAST”, Anselmo adds. “The title of the split is ‘War of the Gargantuas’ and it is fitting on many levels because of our combined love for the 60’s Japanese film of the same name, the power of our combined musical output(s) and our humorous affection that plays out within each of our „Gargantuan” personalities. Both WARBEAST and myself have full-length LP’s that will be released shortly after this is released, but this split is unique musically. It is a time capsule; a loud pause ‘til we both release our full-length products. Enjoy the destruction of music!”

“These two songs we have on ‘War of the Gargantuas’ were the next level after [debut album] ‘Krush the Enemy’,” WARBEAST guitarist Scott Shelby comments. “They’ve been a staple in our set list for the last two years. These songs are a pure demonstration of our unique Texas thrash metal style.”

WARBEAST also recently announced the upcoming release of their second full-length album, ‘Destroy’. The album is scheduled to be released later this year.



Last November, Season of Mist announced the signing of Vancouver metal quartet ANCIIENTS. The band’s debut album is entitled ‘Heart of Oak’ and has been scheduled for an April 12th (April 16th in North America) release. „Raise the Sun”, the first song off of ‘Heart of Oak’, is streaming now at Decibel Magazine. Here are the cover artwork and tracklisting of the album:

  1. Raise the Sun
  2. Overthrone
  3. Falling in Line
  4. One Foot in the Light
  5. The Longest River
  6. Giants
  7. Faith and Oath
  8. Flood and Fire
  9. For Lisa

Regarding „Raise the Sun”, ANCIIENTS states: „[The song] represents what we are all about as a band, musically and lyrically. It contains most if not all the elements that we look for in the kind of music we enjoy. It’s heavy but melodic; this is how we like things to be. Our sound might be full of contrast and duality, but not for contrast’s sake; rather always for the sake of the song. Lyrically it’s about an Egyptian myth, the „Hymn to the Rising Sun” and a visualization of said myth. It’s about walking the correct path and achieving a sort of awakening. „Raise the Sun” is one of our favorites from the record for sure.”

‘Heart of Oak’ was produced by the band and engineered by Jesse Gander (JAPANDROIDS, BISON B.C.) at The Hive Creative Labs (BLACK MOUNTAIN, NOMEANSNO) in Vancouver in Winter 2011/2012, and mastered by Alan Douches (MASTODON, BARONESS, CLUTCH) at WestWestside music. The album artwork was drawn by illustrator Alison Lilly.

„One of 2013’s most anticipated albums” – Decibel magazine

„The foursome’s brand of metal is thunderous yet always focused on melody, striking a strong balance between commanding and catchy. Unlike much of today’s mainstream metal acts, these guys know how to write honest-to-goodness songs, showing tremendous discipline amidst all the instrumental flamboyance, and are primed to put their young peers to shame.” – Popmatters.com, The Best Hopes to Break Out in 2013.


Metallic post-hardcore outfit KEN MODE have debuted a new song off their forthcoming album, ‘Entrench’. The new track, “The Promises of God” is streaming now at Stereogum.com. „The Promises of God” includes guest vocal contributions provided by Dave Verellen (BOTCH/NARROWS).

Regarding the new song, frontman Jesse Matthewson said: „On „The Promises of God” we decided to let some of our 90’s/00’s hardcore muscles flex a little bit, and what better way to cap off that veritable riff pose-down than to acquire the vocal services the legendary BOTCH / NARROWS frontman Dave Verellen. Needless to say, as a fan of this style of messed up noisy hardcore, it was a trip to hear Dave sing together with Andrew and I on this track for the first time. This was the last song to come together in the ‘Entrench’ writing cycle, and as a result, I feel it’s starting to show the true potential of this current line-up’s writing prowess. As a song and a concept, it makes me excited for the future as even lyrically, to put it bluntly, it’s about having your cake and eating it too.”

  1. Counter Culture Complex
  2. No; I’m In Control
  3. Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick
  4. The Terror Pulse
  5. The Promises of God
  6. Romeo Must Never Know
  7. Secret Vasectomy
  8. Figure Your Life Out
  9. Daeodon
  10. Why Don’t You Just Quit?
  11. Monomyth

KEN MODE have previously released „Counter Culture Complex” at Pitchfork.

KEN MODE has recently announced a full North American tour for March and April with TODAY IS THE DAY, BLACK TUSK, and FIGHT AMP. Confirmed tour dates are as follows:

06 Mar 13 Brooklyn, NY (US) Saint Vitus Bar
07 Mar 13 Cambridge, MA (US) Middle East Downstairs
08 Mar 13 New York, NY (US) The Studio at Webster Hall
09 Mar 13 Philadelphia, PA (US) The Barbary
10 Mar 13 Pittsburgh, PA (US) Mr. Smalls
11 Mar 13 Atlanta, GA (US) The Masquerade
12 Mar 13 Orlando, FL (US) Backbooth
13 Mar 13 New Orleans, LA (US) Siberia
15 Mar 13 Austin, TX (US) Red 7 (Tone Deaf Touring Official SXSW Showcase)
17 Mar 13 Dallas, TX (US) Double Wide (Spillover Fest Afterparty)
20 Mar 13 Tempe, AZ (US) Rocky Point Cantina
21 Mar 13 San Diego, CA (US) Brick By Brick
22 Mar 13 Los Angeles, CA (US) Satellite
23 Mar 13 Santa Cruz, CA (US) The Catalyst
25 Mar 13 San Francisco, CA (US) Elbo Room
26 Mar 13 Portland, OR (US) Rotture
27 Mar 13 Seattle, WA (US) The Highline
28 Mar 13 Bellingham, WA (US) The Shakedown
05 Apr 13 Fargo, ND (US) The Aquarium
06 Apr 13 Minneapolis, MN (US) Triple Rock Social Club
07 Apr 13 Chicago, IL (US) Empty Bottle
08 Apr 13 Grand Rapids, MI (US) Pyramid Scheme
10 Apr 13 Newport, KY (US) Southgate House Revival
11 Apr 13 Cleveland, OH (US) Beachland Ballroom
12 Apr 13 Detroit, MI (US) Magic Stick
13 Apr 13 Toronto, ON (CA) Lee’s, Palace
15 Apr 13 Ottawa, ON (CA) Maverick’s

‘Entrench’ will be out on March 15th (March 19th in North America) as Digipak CD, jewel case, and three different coloured LPs: green, orange and regular black. Pre-orders will start very soon, so check out our e-shop!


Pittsburgh’s COMPLETE FAILURE have debuted another new song off of their upcoming Season of Mist debut, ‘The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault’ (scheduled for a February 15th release internationally, February 19th in North America). The track, “Mind Compf” is streaming now at Brooklyn Vegan.

  1. Mind Compf
  2. Errant Social Mile Marker
  3. The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault
  4. Head Hanger to Be
  5. Drag Migrator
  6. Exitist
  7. Defenseless Mechanisms of Self Inflicted Heartbreak
  8. Disinvictus
  9. Hero of the Church Herd
  10. The Unlove Overhue

Regarding „Mind Compf” vocalist Joseph Mack said the following: „It is a little more intense in title than in what the song is about… For you. In 1985 my parents divorced. This was the first real heartbreak I was ever introduced to. The song is about deceit, disloyalty, selfish living, abandonment, and a few other secrets, and all those fun things. It’s important that this song was first given its meaning and reference in the title. Most people won’t really get it. The person who wrote that piece started its chapters with concepts and undertones that would suggest that maybe he did things later in his life that he saw his father do. Interesting how history kind of repeats itself, when I’m doing the same things in my life that I hated one of my family for doing to me. But who cares anyway. Fuck a crying eye.”

COMPLETE FAILURE previously streamed the track „The Unlove Overhue” at Lambgoat.

Three years in the making, ‘The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault’ is the band’s tour de force, fusing ferocious speed and aggression with their aggressive, iconoclastic stance. The album is available for pre-order on Season of Mist’s e-shop.


Fast-rising progressive metal quartet DISPERSE have unveiled a new song off of their forthcoming Season of Mist debut, ‘Living Mirrors’. “Unbroken Shiver” is available for stream at Got-Djent.com.

‘Living Mirrors’ sees the band creating instantly memorable songs that balance amazing technical skills with elegance and passion. The dynamic sextet make it all look easy as they inject their own style into a modern take on intelligent, progressive metal and rock.

  1. Dancing with Endless Love
  2. Enigma of Abode
  3. Profane the Ground
  4. Prana
  5. Message from Atlantis
  6. WOW!
  7. Universal Love
  8. Be Afraid of Nothing
  9. Unbroken Shiver
  10. Touching the Golden Cloud
  11. Butoh
  12. Choices Over Me
  13. AUM

The band recently shot a video clip for the song „Enigma of Abode” with Red Pig Productions (DECAPITATED). The video will be available soon.

‘Living Mirrors’ will the stores on February 15th (February 19th in North America) and is available for pre-order at the Season of Mist e-shop.


As previously announced, Swiss Metallers THIS MISERY GARDEN’s second album “Cornerstone” will be out on Season of Mist this year. The release date is April 12th (April 16th in North America). Here are the cover artwork and tracklisting:

  1. Human – ET
  2. Holy Clutch
  3. Angry Child
  4. Mr X (Was Right)
  5. Rope
  6. Siamese again
  7. Crowded Hallway
  8. Warning Zone
  9. The First Man.
  10. Death Head Colors
  11. Swallowing the monster
  12. Flower Eye Tree

Tracks 11 and 12 are bonus tracks which will only be available on the first pressing Digipak and on the digital edition.

The band already filmed a video clip for the song “Warning Zone”, taken from “Cornerstone”. Watch it on YouTube.


Dutch lunatics THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT will unleash their new album “Tetragrammation” on next May 10th (May 14th in North America). The cover artwork and tracklisting will be unveiled soon, but the band was eager to share an important piece of information: the narration parts on “Tetragrammaton” are done by Orion Pax. This should ring a bell with some of you

During the recording sessions of “Tetragrammaton”, THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT filmed themselves in the studio and posted three studio reports on their YouTube channel. Click the links below to watch them!

Carsten Altena talks about failure / recording synths.

Ivo nails the “Human Wave Attack” guitar solo.

Recording vocals for “Tetragrammaton”.


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