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Decibel Magazine’s inaugural „Women in Metal” issue, featuring a photo session with KYLESA’s very own Laura Pleasants among others, is on newsstands now!

KYLESA, who have been touring intensively since the release of „Spiral Shadow” in October 2010, will return to the road on July 27th with a number of European festival dates including performances at Wacken Open Air and Brutal Assault. Here is the list of gigs:
27 Jul 12 Paaren/Glien (DE) Greenville Festival
28 Jul 12 Torrelavega (ES) Takio Festival
30 Jul 12 Bern (CH) ICS
31 Jul 12 Esslingen (DE) Komma
01 Aug 12 Caramagna (IT) Campo Sportivo
02 Aug 12 München (DE) Free and Easy @ Backstage
03 Aug 12 Nürnberg (DE) K4
04 Aug 12 Wacken (DE) Wacken Open Air
05 Aug 12 Saarbrücken (DE) Kleiner Club Garage
06 Aug 12 Bristol (UK) Thekla
07 Aug 12 Manchester (UK) Moho
08 Aug 12 Glasgow (UK) Stairway
09 Aug 12 Southampton (UK) Joiners
10 Aug 12 Ieper (BE) Ieper Fest
11 Aug 12 Jaromer (CZ) Brutal Assault Festival
12 Aug 12 Dresden (DE) Beatpol
15 Aug 12 Roskilde (DK) Gimle
16 Aug 12 Motala (SE) Bryggeriet
17 Aug 12 Trondheim (NO) Pstereo Festival
18 Aug 12 Gothenburg (SE) Truckstop Alaska
19 Aug 12 Lüdinghausen (DE) Area 4 Festival
„Spiral Shadow” is available on Season of Mist’s e-shop as CD+DVD Digipak, CD jewel case and various merch items.


„Drought”, French experimental black metallers DEATHSPELL OMEGA’s new EP, is out today in North America! This recording displays some of the most lethal songwriting ever witnessed from the cult band while retaining their unmistakable sound.
You can listen to the song „Abrasive Swirling Murk” on Season of Mist’s Facebook page.

  1. Salowe Vision
  2. Fiery Serpents
  3. Scorpions & Drought
  4. Sand
  5. Abrasive Swirling Murk
  6. The Crackled Book of Life

„Drought” is available on Season of Mist’s e-shop as Digisleeve, LP, LP box set and various merch items.


On September 11th, Season of Mist will release Swedish Black Metal act OFERMOD’s debut, „Mystérion Tés Anomias”. Originally recorded in 1998, this EP also includes two songs from 2004.
OFERMOD is a name that people within the underground Black Metal scene pronounce with respect and in awe. Much of the current Swedish Black Metal sound, as heralded by bands such as WATAIN, finds its origin in the early works of OFERMOD. The abyssal atmosphere, the sinister chord progressions, the violent and commanding drumming, a depraved demonlike voice – all of the above is OFERMOD’s genuine trademark.

  1. Mystérion Tés Anomias
  2. Chained to Redemption
  3. Khabs Am Pekht
  4. Rape the World

„Mystérion Tés Anomias” is available for pre-order on Season of Mist’s e-shop.


September 11th will also see the releases of two classics from Sweden’s FUNERAL MIST, namely „Devilry” and „Salvation”.
„Devilry” features not only the complete recording of the 1998 EP, including the originally vinyl-only „Hellspell 2” bonus song, but also the „Havoc” demo from 1996. The early days of FUNERAL MIST were placed under the sign of a ferocious and vicious Black Metal, yet always underlined by a sick sense for the unexpected. Song structures, melodies and vocal patterns, yes, even a drum solo, make the „Devilry” and „Havoc” sessions stand out then as much as today: FUNERAL MIST was born under the doomed star of unmistakable uniqueness.

  1. The Devil’s Emissary
  2. Bringer of Terror
  3. Nightside Phantom
  4. Funeral Mist
  5. The God Supreme
  6. Hellspell 2
  7. Realm of Shades
  8. Hellspell
  9. Nightside Phantom [demo version]
  10. The Old Ones Grin

„Salvation” was recorded 2001 at the Necromorbus studio and is certainly one of the most genre-defining releases by producer (and, at the time, FUNERAL MIST drummer) Tore Stjerna. The sound replicates the radical essence of a record that was meant to push the boundaries of Black Metal, the limits of which is solely the unique and twisted vision of mastermind Arioch (also current frontman of Swedish Black Metal pioneers MARDUK under the name Mortuus). „Salvation” set new standards in terms of riffing, use of samples, musical violence, lyrical perversion – truth be told, in most aspects. A decade later it is still as revolutionary and challenging, proving that it is by all means a record of historical relevance.

  1. Agnus Dei
  2. Breathing Wounds
  3. Holy Poison
  4. Sun of Hope
  5. Perdition’s Light
  6. Across the Qliphoth
  7. Realm of Plagues
  8. Circle of Eyes
  9. Bread to Stone
  10. In Manus Tuas

„Devilry” and „Salvation” are available for pre-order on Season of Mist’s e-shop.

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