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Season of Mist just inked a deal with all-star band TWILIGHT OF THE GODS! Initially joining forces as a tribute band to BATHORY, singer Alan Averill (PRIMORDIAL), guitarists Rune Eriksen (AVA INFERI, AURA NOIR) and Patrik Lindgren (THYRFING), bassist Frode Glesnes (EINHERJER) and drummer Nick Barker (LOCK UP) recently started to write their own material, which should end up on a full-length album some time next year.

The band issued the following statement: „We are proud to sign a worldwide deal for TWILIGHT OF THE GODS with Season of Mist… So first question, why? The idea originally was to piece together an international band to pay tribute to BATHORY. Nothing more and nothing less. A challenge and a homage. We toured the BATHORY set last year and played some festivals here and there. We never say never again but some form of line was drawn under last years triumphant set at Ragnarok festival which made the whole journey seem worthwhile.

„We were asked to re-record BATHORY classics and offered this and that to make DVDs and live albums. Never in a million years was this going to happen… Yet the chemistry was so good between the five members we talked about writing our own material. It seemed a shame to file away the energy and synergy on a dusty shelf somewhere when new possibilities were open to all of us.
„Life after all is about new challenges and journeys so in the month of October the five members of TWILIGHT OF THE GODS convened in Southern Portugal for a writing session. On the back of this a contract was signed and things began to take shape. None of us in our respective bands and pasts have ever played straight forward Heavy Metal and this is what TOTG is shaping up to be… Sure there are some Epic parts and some 70s rock influences but the vast majority of the material sounds truly classic metal.

„Right now we are looking at going into the studio sometime in the first couple of months of 2012. So expect a full on Heavy Metal album crafted by a motley crue with over 40 albums experience within them and two decades each individually sharpening their swords…”



NOTHNEGAL‘s debut album is finally in sight! The Maldivian band named their upcoming full-length „Decadence„.

„‘Decadence‘ is NOTHNEGAL‘s first official studio release and the first release featuring the current line-up, with Fufu handling both the guitar and vocal duties, Marco on keyboards and Kevin on drums”, guitarist Hilarl comments.

„The writing process of ‘Decadence’ began in summer 2010 and has been quite a challenge for us as we have taken time to do a lot of experimentation on the sound shifting more towards thrash and progressive metal with industrial elements making it entirely different from the sound we had on our 2009 4 track demo, ‘Antidote of Realism’.

„With a completely new and original sound and attitude we feel like we starting again from scratch as we believe NOTHNEGAL have finally discovered its sound with ‘Decadence’.”

Decadence” was mixed by Greg Reely (FEAR FACTORY, MACHINE HEAD, DEVIN TOWNSEND) and Ahti Kortelainen (SENTENCED, SONATA ARCTICA), and has been scheduled for a January 20th (January 24th in the US) 2012 release.



Post black metallers DODECAHEDRON are the latest addition to Season of Mist’s Underground Activist division. The Dutch band recently completed the recording of their selft-titled debut album, which will be released on next January 20th (January 24th in the US).



In support of his debut full-length album „In the Flesh” released earlier this year, Egyptian-born, New York-based visual and conceptual artist Nader Sadek has announced the details of his first ever live appearance in support of the album, taking place November 20th at Santos Party House for FREE in New York City.

With stage design that resembles a Wagnerian Opera, Nader Sadek seeks to take the death metal experience to new heights, as he is set to perform the new album „In The Flesh” live in its entirety alongside the production team behind the album. Upon entering the space, the audience is invited to view all of Sadek’s works on and off the stage and each attendee will be given „pamphlet” describing the evenings 3 acts. People can expect more than several props which are recognizable from Sadek’s recent videos, such as glowing sulphuric crystals, caves, thrones, and an „elaborate setup for the drums”.

The show will feature a lengthy overture by a masked surprise female vocalist performing inside a mirrored cube, guitarists enveloped by a web of vines and more. Conceptually, the theme behind the album will manifest itself in the live setting. Petroleum will embrace the composition of the visual and aural assault. This is a minimal description of what is to ensue on stage during the live slaughter of In The Living Flesh, which will finally bring Sadek’s concept behind his new album to life. The performance will also be filmed live.

This special show will also introduce young talent Sean Frey on bass. „What can I say?”, Sadek comments. „Of all the bands Novy has played in, the albums he is on are undisputedly my favorite. Coincidence? I think not. Bass is a very underrated, yet very important instrument, it can change the feel of a song entirely. It is definitely an important factor that Novy is also a songwriter, and understand the importance of composition within the structure of a song. His compositions within Dies Irae are very impressive. I’m excited to welcome Novy to the flesh!”

Novy made the following comment: „It’s a pleasure to play with great musicians in an amazing project like „In the Flesh.” Listen to the new album and this project, feel this energy and emotion and… Move your black hearts to NADER SADEK‘s show on the 20th of November at Santo’s in New York City. Stay brutal and see you on the show!!!”


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