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Season of Mist is pleased to welcome back SETH to the roster! The French black metallers’ debut album ‘Les Blessures de l’Ame’ (1998) was one of the label’s very first releases and it’s great to have the band back in the family. SETH’ upcoming fifth album is entitled ‘The Howling Spirit’ and has been scheduled for release on June 7th (June 11th in North America).

Band leader Heimoth issued the following statement: “This is some exceptional moment for us as we are now officially back on the very same label that released our first album in 98’ and I guess this truly makes our recent comeback even more worthwhile. Both parts have taken different directions for more than 10 years but we are thrilled to unveil ‘The Howling Spirit’ together. I personally feel this is a significant step forward born from the special relationship the band and SOM have had through the years.”


‘Les Blessures de l’Ame’ was re-released last year in a remastered edition including two bonus tracks and brand new artwork. Available on Season of Mist’s e-shop as CD and hand-numbered, double gatefold LP limited to 500 copies.


On March 1st, German Math metallers WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH will embark on the Bonecrusher Fest together with JOB FOR A COWBOY, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, GOROD, AS THEY BURN and MAKE THEM SUFFER. The 27-show European tour will take place as follows:

01 Mar 13 Köln (DE) Underground
02 Mar 13 Drachten (NL) Iduna
03 Mar 13 Rescue Rooms (UK) Nottingham
04 Mar 13 Glasgow (UK) Cathouse
05 Mar 13 Leeds (UK) Uni Mine
06 Mar 13 London (UK) Underworld
07 Mar 13 Antwerpen (BE) Trix
08 Mar 13 Savigny le Temple (FR) L’Empreinte
09 Mar 13 Montauban (FR) Rio
10 Mar 13 Madrid (ES) Sala Caracol
11 Mar 13 Badalona (ES) Sala Estraperlo
13 Mar 13 Esch-Alzette (LU) Kulturfabrik
14 Mar 13 Yverdon-les-Bains (CH) L’Amalgame
15 Mar 13 Aarau (CH) Kiff
16 Mar 13 München (DE) Backstage
17 Mar 13 Graz (AT) Explosiv
18 Mar 13 Würzburg (DE) Posthalle
19 Mar 13 Berlin (DE) Lido
20 Mar 13 Warsaw (PL) Progresja
21 Mar 13 Brno (CZ) Melodka
22 Mar 13 Chemnitz (DE) Talschock
23 Mar 13 Rostock (DE) Alte Zuckerfabrik
25 Mar 13 Helsinki (FI) Nosturi
27 Mar 13 Stockholm (SE) Göta Källare
28 Mar 13 Gothenburg (SE) Brewhouse
29 Mar 13 Copenhagen (DK) Pumpehuset
30 Mar 13 Bochum (DE) Matrix

WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH’ latest album ‘Voyeur’ is available on Season of Mist’s e-shop as CD, LP with digital download card, t-shirt and CD + t-shirt bundle.



The reissue of Greek demons SEPTICFLESH’s debut album ‘Mystic Places of Dawn’ is out in North America today! Enhanced with new artwork and all songs from 1991’s ‘Temple of the Lost Race’ EP, the re-release of this cult classic is available on Digipak CD and double gatefold LP with digital download card.

Produced by former ROTTING CHRIST keyboardist and NEKROMANTIA founder Magus Wampyr Daoloth, ‘Mystic Places of Dawn’ was originally released in 1994 and soon acquired cult status. All trademark elements of SEPTICFLESH are already present such as their singing guitar sound, female vocals and even classical influences.

  1. Mystic Places of Dawn
  2. Pale Beauty of the Past
  3. Return to Carthage
  4. Crescent Moon
  5. Chasing the Chimera
  6. The Underwater Garden
  7. Behind the Iron Mask
  8. (Morpheus) The Dreamlord
  9. Mythos (Part 1: Elegy – Part 2: Time Unbounded)
  10. Erebus [bonus track]
  11. Another Reality [bonus track]
  12. Temple of the Lost Race [bonus track]
  13. Setting of the Two Suns [bonus track]

‘Mystic Places of Dawn’ is also available on Season of Mist’s e-shop in various physical formats such as Digipak CD, coloured LP, regular black LP and merchandise items.


IN SOLITUDE’s self-titled debut album is hitting North American shops today! Reissued in a remastered edition with two bonus tracks, this cult opus is available in your local store on CD, double gatefold LP with poster and digital download card, and merchandise items.

It seems paradoxical that Swedish kids play the finest vintage Heavy Metal, but this is exactly what IN SOLITUDE do. When the band recorded their eponymous debut in 2008, singer Pelle “Hornper” Åhman was only 16 years old. Yet IN SOLITUDE were already founded in 2002. Astonishingly, their frontman acts and performs like a veteran on stage. The Swedes have by now been invited to every major festival in Europe ranging from prestigious underground events like Hole in the Sky via the trend setting Roadburn to the giant Wacken Open Air by virtue of their passionate and mind blowing shows. IN SOLITUDE get them all as their virtuous riffing draws deep from the historic roots of BLACK SABBATH, MERCYFUL FATE or IRON MAIDEN, while infusing the occult and spiritual touch of Black Metal.

On other news, MOUNTAIN GOATS covered “The Monolith”, a number from ‘In Solitude’, during a live show. You can watch the performance on YouTube.

  1. In the Darkness
  2. Witches Sabbath
  3. Kathedral
  4. Beyond Is where I Learn
  5. 7th Ghost
  6. Faceless Mistress
  7. Temple of the Unknown
  8. The Monolith
  9. Hidden Dangers (In the Night) – single version
  10. Faceless Mistress – demo version

‘In Solitude’ is available on Season of Mist’s e-shop in the above formats, as well as on slipcase CD and t-shirt + CD or LP bundles.


Black Metal threat KOLDBRANN are streaming “Drammen”, a song from their new album ‘Vertigo’, at Hails and Horns.com. ‘Vertigo’ is out now in North America and will be streamed in its entirety on Hails and Horns within a couple hours so you should definitely check the page again later today!

KOLDBRANN have been spearheading the Norwegian underground black metal scene since their founding in 2001. Together with compatriots such as 1349, URGEHAL and others, the band remained true to the early spirit of the genre. Their brand new full-length ‘Vertigo’ sees KOLDBRANN drawing deep from their cold, raw black roots, while simultaneously exploring new, vintage sonic territory.

On the album, the band states: „While KOLDBRANN has always paid tribute to the early pioneers of Nordic Black Metal, the band has throughout its existence strived to retain a distinct identity. Spending our formative years in relative isolation in Drammen, away from the interference of any metal scene, we learnt to do things our own way from the get-go. In that respect, our third album, ‘Vertigo’, represents a brand new chapter in the band’s history. While retaining a substantial share of uncanny groove, the album also explores more doom-ridden, and progressive soundscapes than on our earlier works. It still sounds very much like KOLDBRANN, but with a fuller, more complete flavor. Rest assured: Never have we put so much work and personal investments into an album. Never have we gone to greater lengths to chisel out each composition to suit our aural visions. It has been a long and winding road, and countless hours of tribulation. But that is now of the past. ‘Vertigo’ is here!”

‘Vertigo’ can be ordered at the Season of Mist e-shop. The album is available in CD format and a gatefold double LP on black and transparent red vinyl.

  1. IntroVertigo
  2. Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott
  3. Hjertets Holodomor
  4. Drammen
  5. Stolichnaya Smert
  6. Terminal Transnistrii
  7. Phantom Kosmonaut
  8. Goat Lodge
  9. I Eklipsens Skimmer
  10. Sans Soleil
  11. Inertia Corridors

KOLDBRANN recently released ‘Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott’, a 7” single strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide, with an exclusive B side entitled “Kasjtjeijs Svøpe”. This vinyl edition is already sold-out but the single is available digitally! A music video for “Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott”, directed by Effektor and featuring guest vocals by Erlend Hjelvik from KVELERTAK can be viewed on Season of Mist’s YouTube channel.


French hardcore outfit VERA CRUZ are streaming new album ‘SKINANDTEETHANDNAILS’ in its entirety at AMPMagazine.com. The band’s Season of Mist debut, featuring eleven tracks of pulse pounding, relentless hardcore and metal is out in North America as you read this.

VERA CRUZ embraces the fine art of serious ass kicking with ‘SKINANDTEETHANDNAILS’. Balancing melodic hardcore with rock influences, the French display astonishing mastery for such a young band. ‘SKINANDTEETHANDNAILS’ captures the explosive energy VERA CRUZ unleash during their live shows.

On the album, the band states: „There’s an overall theme about this album and the way it has been thought and composed. We always try to reach a sort of „Holy Grail” in every song but like the latter, whatever is Holy doesn’t lie in front of your eyes for everyone to see. It’s rather a kind of quest to find it. We would like people to be able to find what they’ve been seeking with our music. It’s for everyone to decipher it and find what’s under the surface.”

  1. Hopeless Knights
  2. The Last of a Dying Breed
  3. The Family
  4. Black Walls
  5. Open Your Eyes
  6. The Last Parade
  7. Break The Lies
  8. Dunwich
  9. Walk Alone
  10. Last Call
  11. American Psycho

‘SKINANDTEETHANDNAILS’ is also available as Digipak CD on Season of Mist’s e-shop.

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