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American Grindcore legends TERRORIZER will come back to life on next February 24th (28th in North America) with their third album, “Hordes of Zombies”. Here are the details:

  1. Intro
  2. Hordes of Zombies
  3. Ignorance and Apathy
  4. Subterfuge
  5. Evolving Era
  6. Radiation Syndrome
  7. Flesh to Dust
  8. Generation Chaos
  9. Broken Mirrors
  10. Prospect of Oblivion
  11. Malevolent Ghosts
  12. Forward to Annihilation
  13. State of Mind
  14. A Dying Breed

The vinyl LP and the digital versions will include a bonus track entitled “Wretched”, and the digipak edition (limited to first pressing) will include the demo version of the title-track in addition to “Wretched”. The vinyl LP and the digipak can be pre-ordered on Season of Mist’s e-shop.


As previously announced, DRUDKH’s forthcoming album is entitled “Eternal Turn of the Wheel” and has been scheduled for a February 24th (28th in North America), 2012 release. Here are the cover artwork and tracklist of the Ukrainian black poets’ new offering:

  1. Eternal Circle
  2. Breath of Cold Black Soil
  3. When Gods Leave Their Emerald Halls
  4. Farewell to Autumn’s Sorrowful Birds
  5. Night Woven of Snow, Winds and Grey-Haired Star

“Eternal Turn of the Wheel”, which marks a return to the band’s roots and early sound, will be available as CD digipak limited to first pressing and vinyl LP with download card. Both can be pre-ordered on Season of Mist’s e-shop.


Maldivian powerhouse NOTHNEGAL’s debut album is entitled “Decadence” and will hit the stores on January 20th (24th in North America), 2012. Get a glimpse of this melodic death metal jewel via a video trailer on Season of Mist’s YouTube channel.

  1. Salvation
  2. Claymore
  3. Janus
  4. Decadence
  5. Armageddon
  6. R.A.D.A.R
  7. Sins Of Our Creations
  8. Singularity

“Decadence” is available for pre-order on Season of Mist’s e-shop as a limited digipak edition. Each copy from the first pressing of the album will come with a unique code that can allow you to win a trip to the Maldives! For more information, please write to contests@nothnegal.net.


On next February 24th (28th in North America), Season of Mist will release a double compilation featuring 39 artists from the Electro / Indus / Dubstep scene, all remixing a track from MORBID ANGEL’s latest offering “Illud Divinum Insanus”.


Several of the artists who remixed songs from “Illud…” made statements about the work on MORBID ANGEL’s material:

“The idea of remixing the Morbid Angel album with such a variety and styles of remixes has been great. Personally, I tried to stay true to the original track, keeping the vocals and much of the original instruments, interjecting my own hardcore style, giving it a different, harder, electronic feel.” – SCOTT BROWN

“It is such a great honor to remix Florida’s death metal kings Morbid Angel… I’m familiar with their music since my Sepultura days and I love the direction and sounds of their new album!!! We tried to keep the essence of the tune “Too Extreme” and added some “Mixhell” flavor to it with some synths, noizes, bass lines and percussive beats.” – Iggor Cavalera (MIXHELL)

“It was an honor being asked to remix such a high profile metal band. There’s great art in what Morbid Angel does and converting such a full on rage of sound into a dance mix was challenging. I hope I kept the darkness and brought it to the dancefloor.” – THE HORRORIST

“This is what I feel it’s all about: Showing the world we’re all free thinking artists who support each other, respect each other and dare to cross musical borders. It’s all music. I hope you all enjoy the remix the way I enjoyed working on the project.” – Kel (EVIL ACTIVITIES)

“When they asked me to make a remix of Morbid Angel, I was just like: That’s the thing I wanted to do for years! And that was really cool to make it. I was thinking that they would finally not accept this track, as I didn’t respect the stems so much. Apparently, they are crazy enough and I was happy to make a bridge between true metal and experimental electronic music.” – IGORRR

“In a logical following to my album ‘Rising Doom’, I was happy to make my music meet extreme metal!” – MONDKPOF

“We had a lot of fun and we’re proud to be part of this huge, bold project. We can’t wait to listen to the whole thing in the darkest club of the world. It probably announces a new kind of art fusion between deathcore and electronic breaks. Definitely delicious terrifying exciting collaboration!!! Humans and machines are rising together!!!” – CHRYSALIDE

“For over 20 years in my career as a hardcore DJ and producer, this Morbid Angel project was an immense honor to me. Free to explore the possibilities of crossbreeding genres, it opened my eyes and heart once more to go deeper than the obvious. I enjoyed every second of it and am definitely going to pursue and experiment more with this whenever possible. Bring it!!!” – DJ RUFFNECK

You can watch a video trailer on Season of Mist’s YouTube channel.


Portuguese / Norwegian act AVA INFERI recently shot a second video clip for their latest album, “Onyx”. You can watch it on Season of Mist’s YouTube channel.


Guitarist Rune Eriksen comments: “We hereby present to you Ava Inferi’s ”The Living End”. This clip is our own homage to 50’s Horror cinema, and what we feel is a fitting visual to accompany both the content of the song, and also to a certain extent, the aesthetics of Ava Inferi. This video was brought to you in part by the visionary Mr. Costin Chioreanu (Absu, Grave, Ulver), who also brought to life the Pagan imagery of ‘Majesty’ not so long ago.”

In other news, AVA INFERI has recently joined the Mythology Live booking agency, and is currently preparing for a headlining stint throughout Eastern Europe to take place in early Spring of 2012. Full tour details to be revealed soon.

“Onyx” and AVA’s full back catalogue are available on Season of Mist’s e-shop.


French Black metallers OTARGOS present the video clip for “Worship Industrialized”, a song from last year’s “No God No Satan” album. The clip was directed by Federico Anastasi (Undeci | Decimi), who had already crafted the video for “Cloning the Divine”.

Watch “Worship Industrialized” here!


OTARGOS talk about this new video: “Once again, we asked director Federico Anastasi to work with us. We asked him to direct it cause we knew his talent and avantgardist artistic approach could perfectly illustrate the modern dimension of OTARGOS’ music. We trusted his skills in original image capture, his talented screenplay ideas and the way he could lead the general visual concept.

“With “Worship Industrialized” we really wanted to get out of all clichés, out of usual atmospheres and shades in order to obtain a result that is faithful to the modern spirit and style of OTARGOS. We wished for something really personal.

“The purpose was to obtain a unique, violent, barbaric but also desolate atmosphere. The set is a post-apocalyptic burnt landscape in which evolves a mutated civilization that worship absurd myths from the past. This past is actually nothing more than our present. To reach this visual goal, we shot almost all the scenes in natural light. The epileptic picture effect is not the fruit of postproduction work, but the result of a simultaneous multicam capture, a genuine recording process designed by the director. It’s interesting enough to be noted.

“With this video clip OTARGOS wishes to spread its contemporary image beyond the live performances and impose its “Dark Extreme Metal” style. It also represents the opportunity for us to get loose from the fundamentalist Black Metal scene with which we feel no affinity anymore. We closed a 10-year chapter with the latest release and this video masterpiece is just the beginning of a new era for OTARGOS. The next album is being prepared and it announces a time of change.”

The band is now hard at work on the follow-up to “No God No Satan”. OTARGOS’ whole discography is available on Season of Mist’s e-shop.

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